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So, my husband walks through the door last night and the very first thing he says is…

Oh My God! It smells like Little Italy in here!

I replied “did you read my blog?” Of course he had not yet, but how ironic that I had used that term in my post! Oh well…it’s true, it did smell like that, so it shouldn’t have surprised me! 🙂 The Italian aroma came from the quinoa & roasted veggie dish. I sautéed fresh chopped garlic and Italian seasonings in olive oil, then added in the quinoa and let it cook for a while. The roasted veggies were also sprinkled with Italian seasoning, garlic, and olive oil…hey…can there ever be too much of these things??

By the time he got home the roasted veggies & quinoa dish was ready, but I was still making the sweet potato gnocchi, so he was able to help me. It was really simple, just a little messy with all that rice flour everywhere. I ended up not making the spinach because there was just too much food already. Oh, and just food for thought…which one IS the yam and which one IS the sweet potato? Just when I thought I knew – Yam being Yellow (Y & Y is how I remembered), and the Sweet Potato is orange, I find that the store grocer has them labeled the opposite. So I give up…seriously? I think they are both the same anyway….

What say you?

I wish I had a scratch and sniff button on this site because the aromas were out of this world. But far above the aromas were the flavors and taste sensations – I wanted to start all over again when we had finished eating. This is guilt free eating that also provides phenomenal health benefits, nutrients, flavors, and satisfaction! Plus, the food is pretty AND Weight Watchers friendly TOO! Always watch your portion size – that’s a rule to live by!

Here are some pics – hope you enjoy. Now on to tonight’s dinner…hmmm, something with spinach perhaps?

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Both recipes I got from “The Gluten-Free Bible” cookbook. The quinoa with roasted veggies I altered a little, but the sweet potato gnocchi I pretty much followed to the ‘T.’

Throw the boxes away people and start enjoying the gifts of Mother Nature. Think outside the box AND better yet, EAT OUTSIDE THE BOX!

ME-ganly delicious love to you!