Current Reviews on The ME-gan Lifestyle


Virginia, Rockville, MD.

“I finished your book and I love it! Everything makes sense the way you explain it and your enthusiasm is infectious. :)”

Matty, Germantown, MD.

“If ever there was real ‘Chicken Soup’ for one’s soul, it would be the Holy bible and this book. The ME-gan Lifestyle book, is more than alternative delicious recipes for healthier living, it’s very thought provocative! It raises awareness on deception in the food and Medical industry and offers a simple solution; educate yourself as much as you can on food ingredients and physical ailments and illness. This book offers a common sense approach to all things in life by explaining why we shouldn’t just sit on the sidelines and let life just play out, but being an active participant with concerns regarding are own physical wellness and awareness of food products.

This book should be on the coffee table in everyone’s home next to the family Bible.”

Joe, Dale City, VA.

“I just finished reading Mary’s new book, the ME-gan Lifestyle.  It was excellent on many levels. I couldn’t help but wonder, where I would put this book in the library?  Under –  Health and Nutrition? Under:  Diet and Cooking?  Under:  Inspirational and Motivational?  Or under Self-help or Body and Mind?? It was so good on so many levels!  It was much more than a diet or lifestyle book, – it was about taking control of your Life, being responsible for your choices, and most of all, misery doesn’t love company, – happy people foster happy people. Congratulations on a job well done.  The people of India are fond of saying:  Have a great day and a better tomorrow. I believe that is the essence of the ME-gan Lifestyle.”

Alyce, Phoenix, AZ. writes and says that she “read my book as soon as it hit her mailbox” and then continues on to say:

 “I am positive you will reap the rewards of your hard work.  The book is great!  It’s an easy read, compelling and informative…need I say more?  If you don’t already have a copy, GET ONE!”

Concetta, Potomac, MD.

“Just finished reading the ME-gan Lifestyle!  What an uplifting read.  It takes you on a journey filled with emotion.  It is a testimony to the power we all have over our life if we can just discover it.  To hear Mary Bortel openly tell us of her struggles in life and how she liberated herself with the ME-gan lifestyle is truly moving.  I assume the writing of the book was just another step in her liberation. Thanks to Mary for writing the book and sharing her experiences.  It is sure to bring many of us to explore the benefits of the ME-gan lifestyle!  At a time when Obesity is so prevalent I can see this book being a major motivational tool for many.  Take control!  Do yourself a favor!  Buy the book!”

AdaMae, Washington, D.C.

 “Beautifully written, well worded and a joy to read; wonderful & inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes.”

William, Phoenix, Arizona

“Even if you don’t eat this way, there’s something in this book for EVERYONE!”

David, Woodbridge, VA.

“I really love the questions she asks in the Reflections Of Your Life chapter, she really makes you think about yourself!”

Kathy, AZ.

“Have to say thank you Mary for the gift of love of your book! I now drink Almond milk and am incorporating non meat meals in our diet! The produce section of the store is an adventure 🙂 Can’t wait for the cook book to come out but in the meantime I can read your book again. Your blog lifts me up and inspires me daily to a healthier and more spiritual life. Hope you keep the blog going …..Love, Kathy”

2 thoughts on “Current Reviews on The ME-gan Lifestyle”

  1. I just started reading the book and still reading on but I like the very fact that you challenge the reader to the realization that there is no magic pill out there. I like how you help the reader focus on the power within and with that power, bring about positive change in one’s life. This is what spituality is really about. Thank you for sharing your own story too. God bless you and your family.

    • marysparacinobortel said:

      Thank you Ben for taking the time to read, understand and share your thoughts. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. You described exactly what I intended to relate. God bless you! Hope to hear from you again soon, especially when you have completed reading the book! Love, Mary

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