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Maybe I’m feeling so great today on this WONDERFUL Monday because of the great weekend I had!

We started the weekend off early by celebrating my daughter’s birthday at a Persian food restaurant. The food is so full of flavor; I love everything about it. Their cooking style for one thing is very cool, and not to mention their uses of unique spices and other flavorings.



Saturday was also a great day getting things done around the house; lots of cleaning and other things that needed to be checked off the ‘to-do’ list. Saturday night was a night of fun after a day of work – like Lee always says, “Work hard, play hard!” We enjoyed a very nice, elegant bar, one of our favorites that we have not been to in quite some time. Gotta get those ‘date nights‘ in! So here’s the really cool part…after enjoying some bar time, we went dancing. Yahoooo – what a fun night all around! We danced hip-hop, 80’s and country – what a mix! Like Toby Keith sings… “I Love This Bar!”

Then on Sunday, we suited up to play tennis. I think we have only played once the entire time that we’ve known each other, and I’m sure it was quite a few years ago. We rode our bikes to the courts and played for about an hour. If anything, we got a good work out chasing balls – that’s for sure! Ahhh…it really did feel great to get out and finally enjoy a sport, since we’ve been tethered from inside air-condition to our pool all summer. Change is good!

After tennis, we enjoyed the Redskin’s game at a sports bar. Now that’s something we haven’t done in a very long time either! Can you imagine us, ME-gan’s, in a sports bar? My gosh….I was ready to just put ME-gan aside for one day, and do the traditional wings, burgers, and beer thing. What do you think? Should I have? I mean, eventually, we will probably start doing a 1 ‘free’ day a month to enjoy our favorite traditional foods and drinks, but I’m not quite sure yet. I mean, I have come so far with my health, and Lee too, we both have reaped so many health benefits, that I’m not quite sure if the 1 free day a month would hurt us or not. If anyone has any advice on that, I’d love to hear it! Oh, and by the way…the Redskins could have and should have won that game! RGIII is the bomb! We were missing Garcon and he’s a key player! Looking forward to seeing him next week! What happened at the end, a little mis-conduct, was unfortunate…what can I say? Those who provoke should be penalized too! That’s all I’m say’n’! I think the Skins have a great team this year, and I’m wishing them the best!

After the game, we came home, changed our clothes and ran a mile! We were on fire Sunday! We got so much exercise, we both felt really good! We are hoping for this to be our Sunday ritual for a while, and church of course too!

Health, happiness, love of our Country AND God, what more is there!? We need to be the best we can be to love, serve and live life to it’s fullest. Period. We can’t do it in a mental funk or by being in poor health.

 Strive to do all you can, in order to be all you can, at all times.

Tonight I am making sweet potato gnocchi, which I’ve never made or eaten before, I’m quite excited about them! I will be serving fresh sautéed spinach and a roasted vegetable & quinoa dish on the side! I can tell you this, my house smells EXTREMELY DELICIOUS right now! I always cook with lots of garlic and Italian seasonings, so it’s like a Little Italy in here right now! Mmmm…. C’mon over, there’s plenty to go around! I’ll post some pics tomorrow!

Get on the good foot – you deserve it!

ME-gan love…Mary.