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Hello! My name is Mary Sparacino, and I am ecstatic to have completed writing my very first book The ME-gan Lifestyle!  To order your copy today, email your request to Click on the “GET YOUR COPY OF MARY’S BOOK” tab of this blog for more details on ordering.

I blog everyday, providing the reader with inspirational and uplifting messages. Some times I even throw in a random post just for fun and totally off-the-wall! I love a good time and humor is great for the soul. I provide tips and information on new foods and recipes that I have found,  as well as share my very own recipes. Whenever I discover something new that will affect you and your health, I pass it on! Health is a serious matter, and what we put into our bodies should be a big concern to us. The ME-gan Lifestyle way of eating puts you in control and on Mother Nature’s path to ultimate eating, creating health and happiness!

My book, The ME-gan Lifestyle, is about change – both mental and physical change.  It’s about changing the foods I eat to include only the best – gluten free, animal free, dairy and egg free, as well as sharing with the reader my journey to finding myself again – the person I lost long ago!  This book is a must read. It will touch your heart and encourage you to embrace change as well. By popular demand, I have already started my next project….my ME-gan cookbook.

I love writing. All my life I have written poetry, and have dreamed of writing a book. I LOVE to cook, and enjoy my own cooking above anyone else’s!  I also love to garden, and as you can probably tell I LOVE photography. I am proud to say I take and use my very own photos.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.  I also enjoy singing – as I find it to be such a stress reliever.  Sing loud and strong!  I can’t carry a tune, but it makes me happy, and that’s all that matters.   I love life, I love GOD, and LOVE MY FAMILY! I have a wonderful husband, Brian, 4 children; Natalie, Amanda, Nathan and Maria. I also have 4 grandchildren; Aidan, Michaela, Milania and Antonio – and NOW Gerald Jr, and Sebastian! I’m very blessed.

Stay tuned for more updates! Be sure and leave your comments – I’d love to hear from you!


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3 thoughts on “Something About Mary”

  1. Irene Castle Pruitt said:

    Hi Mary! I’m so impressed with your website and congratulations on your new book! Love, Irene

  2. Mary, I hate that I found your blog, because I love that I found your blog. Confused? For years, I kept telling myself to gravitate more and more towards vegetarianism for health but haven’t gotten there. Been eating fairly healthy for a year now and pretty much stopped eating red meat -I’ve been reading and learning about the medicinal properties of foods and spices, whether to cook or not to maximize nutrients (raw is best for most but some are actually best cooked) in very in depth ways that I’ve never done before -knew much about diets and nutrition but not the detailed properties of individual foods for health and healing. Lately, I keep getting these messages from the universe to become vegan -I don’t want to here that at all! I can deal with being a veg but vegan? Plus, I don’t need any test to tell me what I already know, that I can benefit tremendously from a gluten-free diet -again, I don’t want to think about it. So, well… I know the direction I need to move towards… I tried to buy some coconut chicken (my weakness) from Whole Foods a few days ago but just couldn’t do it; I don’t think I can eat meat anymore as I can no longer ignore the message -I think I’ve finally surrendered. At first I thought it was just a matter of being willing to go to any length to be healthy, but I think it’s a lot deeper than that on a very spiritual level; however, I won’t hawk my views here because I respect all views and I’m fine with other people eating meat… I just can’t do it anymore. I will be following your blog and probably get the pdf of your book. I rarely read blogs and never follow but found your blog “accidentally”, and thought… I like this lady, she’s got it right and she wants to help others. Thanks for your contribution -sincerely, thanks!

    • marysparacinobortel said:

      Well I certainly LOVE that you stumbled across my blog and that you like it. That’s what I’m here for. I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about getting messages from the universe! That’s exactly how it goes for those of us who are in-tune with our mind, body and spiritual side. We just need to LISTEN; I believe that we all do eventually, it’s just a matter of time. Sooner than later is best! The rewards that you will reap from this lifestyle change will keep you going – you’re doing what’s best for you and that’s what matters! I’m happy you stopped by and took the time to leave a comment! Please do so frequently!

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