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The healthiest I have been probably in my life, was the 4 years that I was living the ME-gan Lifestyle. I had witnessed so many changes in myself, including my weight, my appearance, my skin, and most of all… my health. Sure other people noticed the ‘surface changes,’ but only I truly know the ‘health’ changes that I went through and the pain, suffering & many symptoms that, after years, finally subsided.

One night I was out to dinner with family and they kept looking at me and saying something along the line of, “OMG, you have lost so much weight… ” and they kept repeating it (I think it had been 5 months since they had seen me). That really made me feel good, but between you and me they had NO idea what had caused these changes in me. It was far more than dieting and/or self-control.

To recap, I had come to a point in my life where I felt I needed change. I felt that if things did not change right then and now, I may just end up fat(er), disabled (health wise), and giving up on life (mentally).

Long story short, and my book is all about this…, I changed my own life me AND God. No one else. No doctor, no friend, no spouse, no sibling, only God and me. I lost weight; I was actually happy and again, most importantly, I got healthy.

No doubt the ME-gan Lifestyle works; no doubt at all. There are no bad side effects, no extreme dieting, no ‘buying’ other people’s food or pills; it’s all a lifestyle change. I never said it would be easy, but your focus is (should) be on the benefits. Do you want to live healthy, or continue on with being unhealthy and being physically and mentally miserable?

So basically, that’s it – IT’S YOUR CHOICE; no one else can make it for you.

With me – after several years of living and loving the ME-gan Lifestyle, my life changed. I went through a divorce, I had a major job change, and I re-married; and I have major kid issues (serious and sad). All these things knocked me off my kilter – by no fault but my own, and landed me in the same old ‘pre ME-gan Lifestyle rat race.’ DARN!

I have to say, and I’m sure it’s no surprise to some, that a few of my previous issues have slipped back in. I’ve experienced weight gain; my skin is not glowing like it was, and my joints get sore once in a while. I’m not as happy.

I’ve been off the strict ME-gan Lifestyle for almost 3 years and quite frankly I’m ready to live it again for good. I’ve done it off and on over these few years, but only months at a time – always reverting back. My husband, Brian, who has had bi-pass surgery – in Feb. of 2009, keeps telling me that he’s in – and for me to JUST DO IT! But after a month goes by of eating and living the ME-gan Lifestyle, he says (in a suffering voice) ” Dang, I’m craving a hamburger.”  So what’s poor ol’ me to do? LOL – I guess cook him a burger and I look the other way! Right?

We’re all responsible for our own lives. I can only control what I do, not what others do. We can ‘help & assist,’ but control? Never.

Tune in next week to see where I go (or have gone) from here.