Time will heal; it’s about time; a race against time; at this point in time; all in good time; it’s only a matter of time…

So many time idioms – What does it really mean?

Like sand through an hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

Let’s not forgot the 60’s tune by Jimmy Jones – Good Timin’

<SIGH> But haven’t we all learned by now that time is not promised to anyone? Wonder if tomorrow never comes? Sure, in time you’ll stop holding a grudge, and call your daughter again…but life can end with your next breath. The point is, WE DON’T KNOW.

So, my question is…do you just go on living the way you have been? Why say sorry when you know you were wrong? Why stop holding a grudge when you know it’s not important in the scheme of things? Why be the better person and forgive the other person… ? You be the one to make amends… who cares who’s wrong or right? Should we ‘accept’ their apology when we know how bad they hurt us and how they did us wrong? I think everyone holds a time idiom deep inside of them.

In time my pretty, in time..

Sorry… again, time AND tomorrow is not promised to ANYONE.

Maybe we should just NOT forgive and forget and then when we all get to the sunny side, no one will remember what took place on this earth and we’ll all be friends? That sounds like a good way (cop) out. Right?


I say…

Do some soul searching. You’ll find the answers; or maybe not. See ya!