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Last night was one of those nights I really didn’t feel like cooking; but I didn’t want to order out either. Using what I had, I boiled carrots and sprinkled them with dill weed. To go with I made yellow rice and sauteed spinach. The two made a perfect match and I portioned it out perfectly. Too much = no bueno!

IMG_7113Tonight, I got in the mood to experiment! I removed the kernels from 2 left over corn on the cobs, sauteed them with garlic & sliced sweet onion in sesame oil. In a separate pan I browned pieces of tofu. While all this was going on, I also had Thai stir-fry noodles cooking.  When everything was done, I mixed it all together along with some “Balela” from Trader Joe’s (this is a mixture of chickpeas, tomatoes and black beans) and sunflower seeds – just because! I added additional flavoring of garlic powder, dill weed, salt & pepper and some crushed red pepper. Topping it off with some GF soy sauce. Whenever I create meals like this, using a little of this and some of that, I never know how it’s going to turn out. I serve it with a warning and say “don’t feel obligated to eat it.” However, like most of my crazy concoctions, it was MAG-NIF-I-CO!


Here’s to good health and delicious food! Oh.. and smaller portions!