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I’m a writer at heart and have been writing poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember. I’ve said from a very early age, I won’t die until I’ve written a book. But hey..I’ve written a book! What now? LOL! 

Truth be said, I want to write more. I’d like to write a novel, an autobiography, children’s stories, and MORE. As a matter of fact I have completed my first children’s story, but of course it has not been published. Publishing today is an entirely different ‘thing’ than it was years ago. I’ve also started my novel, and have about 1 and a half chapters written. Time is the issue now; I just have such limited ‘free’ time, this could take years (unless I make it a priority). 

Any WHOOOO…. as far as the ME-gan Lifestyle goes, (as I have said previously on this blog) I do not follow this diet any longer. Does this mean that the ME-gan Lifestyle has no benefits and is false or misleading? Absolutely not. I proved it to be life changing and also proved it to reverse years of damage – I proved this on myself. Actually, even though I’m no longer gluten free & vegan, I still notice how being ME-gan for 4 years changed my health. I don’t have the same issues I had before. My body healed and symptoms are gone. They could return one day, and if they do, I would revert back to the ME-gan Lifestyle in a heartbeat and be fully committed to it.

It would still behoove me to live the ME-gan Lifestyle but my circumstances have changed, and I simply do not follow it today. There is no doubt that it is an AWESOME and completely healthy lifestyle; and for some, is crucial to their health & existence.

I will continue to keep this blog site open and will post ME-gan advice, informative articles and recipes every now and then, but since I love to also write about other things, I will not bog this blog down with those articles. I’m going to start another blog where I post my short stories, poems, and random posts. If anyone is interested in my new blog site, feel free to leave me a message with your email address and I will be happy to give you the site address. 

ME-gan goodness to you!