Everyday we wake up with a fresh start. We haven’t even gotten out of bed yet, and already have a zillion thoughts running through our head as far as what we hope to accomplish this day.

I’m going to eat better, eat less, perhaps try to get in some exercise. I’ll try to consult with God every time I’m faced with a decision; that could be 100 x’s a day, or more! I’ll call my mom; I’ll apologize to my sibling for being rude and out of line. I’ll call my daughter-in-law and check in on her and my grandson. I won’t let anyone at work get to me; I’ll be polite and overlook anything negative. I’ll spend more time in the evening with my family and we’ll actually turn off social media at dinner time, and talk like a family should. Heck, maybe even fit in a short game or something fun before bedtime!

We have all these good intentions, but how many of them truly come to fruition?

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Do today what you know you should and of that, don’t put off till tomorrow!

Hang in there; take one day at a time. Enjoy every moment of every hour. Seek the face of God and always try to do the right thing – we all can do it!

God bless!