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So here I am planning my meals for the week and putting a grocery list together. When I do this, I like to watch you-tube videos for ME-gan friendly meal ideas. There are many interesting videos available as well as blogs and other social media. When I watch these videos and read articles on Vegan/Gluten Free cooking, I get motivated & inspired! I really get ‘into’ it!!

Colorful food presentations and beautiful ECU photography entice our senses. With that said, we need to be careful what we read and what we watch, pertaining to food. When I watch food network shows such as Giada De Laurentiis, or Molto Mario, etc., I get inspired (or rather ‘tempted’) to get up and cook a full course Italian dinner! My mouth starts to water, my stomach starts to rumble and my brain says…. LET’S DO THIS!

The world is filled with tempters, so this is how I look at it…just as an alcoholic shouldn’t hang out with a singles group who goes to happy hour or other ‘meeting’ events that involve alcohol, so shouldn’t those with special dietary needs and who eat with certain limitations, hang out with foodies. In reality, they shouldn’t be watching the food network – period! It’s common sense.


Instead, live ‘intentionally’ and go to the specific source of information that fits your needs. Look for books and social media venues that cater to your dietary need. Meet and hang with people that share your situation. Get motivated on the things that will do YOUR body good! Most importantly, if you do treat yourself and indulge in a meal that you really should not be having, limit your portion size! Make an effort; it’s better than no effort at all! One day at time…baby steps!

So, as I plan my weekly grocery list and prepare meals, I’ll hide all my Ciao Italia magazines!