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Remember back in the 70’s when there were stickers, pens, t-shirts and all sorts of stuff that said “If it feels good do it?” Who came up with that? Whoever it was, probably made millions. Just like the little symbol that came out a few years back that reads “Life is Good.” Great thinking, but quite simple. I could definitely make some bucks off cute little quotes like those; hmmm, why don’t I?

Could we relate this 70’s saying to food? Certainly! I ate at McDonald’s the other day, and guess what? I could feel myself slowing down with every bite I took! I did NOT feel good after, and on top of that, I felt bad about myself for eating non ME-gan. I understand life is not perfect, and we cannot be 100% on top of our game 100% of the time, but I’m just making a point. That kind of food definitely did not make me feel good. And I can also tell you that when I eat food that makes my mind and body thrive because it’s full of nutrition, I FEEL GREAT, not only ‘good.’ So, if taken in context, “If it feels good, do it” is probably worth a million bucks; and could possibly lead you down a path to better health! Sitting on your butt all day probably doesn’t make you feel too good, right? Be honest! But get out and run a mile or two, then tell me how you feel! COME ALIVE!

So, this leads me to what I want to tell you. Writing feels good to me, and I want to do more of it! I enjoy writing about all sorts of things; love, life, family, even poetry and short stories! Yes, I do love writing about food, but there’s more! So, I am starting a new blog site this week where I will simply be ‘writing’ about anything and many things! Check back here later this week for the details.

And, oh by the way, I have 580 articles on this site, so please come back and read through them! Some of my best articles are at the very beginning! This is not going away, it will continue to be here for your reading pleasure! So, please do enjoy!

Talk to you soon!