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What happens when Mary wakes up with passion and exclaims “I wish we were in Italy?” Well, the next best thing happens; Mary gets busy in La Cucina Bortelino!

A Sicilian woman can (and will) do anything she wants!

I am lucky to have co-workers who have their own gardens; one person brings me Rosemary, one brings me Basil and another brings me Eggplant. Lee and I want to have a garden but we just can’t seem to get anything to grow here in Phoenix, other than ant hills and cactus.

With my eyes catching sight of potatoes and knowing that I have these fresh herbs on hand, as well as some very bright, beautiful mini peppers & onions, I decided to bring a taste of Umbria to the house. These are all familiar ingredients from this special land and region along with garlic & olive oil. Together they assist in making up the classic Umbrian dishes.

I will bring Italy here, if we can’t go there (right now anyway!).

I will also point out that this dish is ME-gan and is also the wonderful colors of the Italian flag! Mangia!

IMG_9740 IMG_9739

IMG_9760 IMG_9754

Italian-ME-gan love to you! XXOO!