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What is the meaning of Abbondanza? I bet most people think of the old Mama Celeste Pizza commercials when they hear this word. It’s an Italian noun, and the plural form is abbondanze. It refers to the following:

  • Abundance
  • Wealth
  • Richness
  • Affluence

What a great word, I just love it. For some reason I woke up yesterday with that word on my mind and have had it on there ever since; so today, I thought I’d write about it. You’d be amazed at how I can talk about and write on everything and anything! Lol!

I believe that God wants Abbondanza for all of us. But as I get older and life marches on, I realize it may not be in the obvious senses. When we achieve one or all of the above, we may have done just and only that. Do you know what I mean? What I’m saying is, Ok…so you’re there, you have it all; a home (or several), a car (or several) money in the bank (lots and lots), endless clothes & shoes (we’re talking running out of storage room here), food, drink & constant entertainment…now what? What’s missing? Happiness perhaps? What? Did I just say that? How could a person have all of these things and not be happy? Could it even be possible? This might make you rub your chin, roll your eyes in a pondering fashion, scratch your head, and let out a nice big “Hmmmm.” IMG_3424 IMG_3418 Yep, it certainly makes a clear calculation that with ABBONDANZA, happiness comes naturally. After all, hell, what more could one want?

  1. Abundance; plenty for all. Never running out or wanting for anything. 
  2. Wealth; endless material and monetary possessions.
  3. Richness; living on the good stuff, HIGH quality, or HIGH on the hog.
  4. Affluence; all of the above, profusion. 

Funny, they all kind of mirror one another. Perhaps if you have one of those, you have all of them? I definitely am not the person to confirm this, not from a ‘worldly standpoint’ anyway. But, what about spiritually?

I believe this is what God truly wants for all of us; Abbondanza in our hearts, souls, minds and actions.  When we can achieve THIS, what more could we want? I would imagine nothing, because this is what truly matters. This is and always will be true happiness!

May we each find meaning, fulfillment and love from all things in life that TRULY matter. Family & friends. Helping others in their time of need. Lending an ear or simply being there for the lonely. Helping out our veterans, homeless and disabled. Give love and understanding to a child who is hurting. Visit the elderly and forgotten; the nursing homes are full of people just crying out for friendship. Be a true friend to all, it’s human kindness. Be there through thick and thin. A friend in need is a friend in deed. They don’t need to ask for our help, we already know they need us. Why wait? Let’s get busy, because it’s not as easy as we would think to stop focusing on ourselves, and to start assisting others. When we can BE all of this, we’ve successfully reached ABBONDANZA, or should I say ABBONDANZE?!

Love and blessings to you and yours!