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The ME-gan Lifestyle is a beautiful experience because the payoff is an incredible feeling of health, self control and euphoria of mind and spirit. But always remember, this is a “lifestyle change” and not a short term gain game. How many times have you seen the TV commercial pitch…”I lost 30 pounds in 20 days, I was amazed and I could still eat what ever I wanted!?” That is either a lie or a huge lie.


Sure, you can eat all you want of this, but don’t expect to stay thin and healthy.


Ohh yes, health by the spoonful! NOT!


All these NON-NUTRITIONAL treats just waiting to be bought for Mother’s Day! No thank you!


I’d rather have the love of my children on Mother’s Day, than the guilt and the extra pounds. Not to mention all the pain my tummy would be going through if I ate this crapola.

The truth and honest question is this; it took many years of unhealthy eating to reach a state of an unhealthy and over weight body, so how long is reasonable to reverse that trend? One month? Three months? The answer is simple:  as long as it takes for you to commit and stick to a belief system that works.

To pick a number out of thin air, 90 days is a reasonable time period to see dramatic results; however it must be approached as a true “take control” long term process that is directed by YOU and not a slick packaged system from a TV commercial. Just because it is color coded, doesn’t mean it works…it just means it is easy to follow the directions.

Once you commit to the ME-gan Lifestyle, you are on your way. However, temptations are part of the equation, it’s inevitable. Sure there are times when a double bacon cheeseburger (animal style) is something most people would love to devour…but wait, we are supposed to be in control; right? Trust me, you are the “only one” in control of YOUR life and your health; so grab the wheel and take command of your future.  No one else will, no matter how much money you pay them!

Here is a little inside tip that will help with your journey. When you are tempted by seductive TV ads or just the raw desire to turn that steering wheel to a hard right and pull into a drive-thru restaurant and “binge” your way to a temporary state of bliss, remember this undeniable truth; the “short term” ecstasy of a “fast food fix” results in a very short term period of “satisfaction” with many long term heart breaks. On the other hand, the ME-gan Lifestyle is all about discipline and restraint for long term health, happiness and a great self-image. Which would you choose? If you were a child the answer is simple…”take the ice cream cone.”  But as a mature adult the answer is just as clear…

Take the road of long term health and happiness over a short “fix” of indulgence.

Short term satisfaction & long term poor health and misery? Or, on-going discipline and a longer, healthier and happier life? There is only one correct answer. YOU are the only one in control of your life and your health. YOU are the one who must be the adult in the room and take charge!


Those who eat a no boundaries way of eating diet, go from “happy” a feeling of elation, because they can eat anything they want (so they make themselves believe)… pick one, gorge, but then…afterwards, they are miserable, sad, and guilty. The happy feeling didn’t last very long. Whereas, the ME-gan Lifestyle person is quite the opposite. There may be days (mamma said there’d be days like this)…where you wake up and want a greasy, cheesy, bacon and sausage breakfast burrito, but end up saying 3 rosaries before the temptation passes. You are miserable, grouchy and just not a happy person right now, and you begin to apply self pity…”poor, poor me, I can’t eat that because my body reacts negatively and I’m overweight.” But then, TA -DAH…once you pass that self-loathing part, you are HAPPY…HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! Note, the non ME-gan is happy first, then miserable; the ME-gan is miserable at first then happy – and a long lasting happy I might add!

When I woke up this morning, I could have eaten food for an army.. but I calmed my self down, had fresh squeezed orange juice and ‘a’ ME-gan bagel (yes, only one!) I was not disappointed! IMAG3065

You choose; it’s YOUR life! I wish for you a long, healthy and enjoyable life!

Love, Mary.