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Lee and I have to decided to roll with the flow, so we don’t get knocked on the flo no mo! LOL!

Sometimes the best antidote for stress, or whatever the world serves up, unannounced and certainly not asked for, is a complete get-away.

We had decided to seek refuge at a 3 day “staycation”, low cost, low stress, high pleasure and fun. Little did we know what we would encounter once our “stealth like” plan was put into play.

We packed all morning (for 2 1/2 days), getting ready to go, made a quick run to the store to pick up some last-minute fruit, veggies and ‘spirits’ to keep in our hotel room, and lo and behold the devil was on the loose and kicked us right in the tailpipe…actually the radiator. We got out of the car at the liquor store to find a “green goo” running rapidly out from under our car. Lee’s face turned purple to accentuate the green, and I said with a smile on my face….”it’ll still be here when we get out, let’s go get our shopping done!”

And when we did get out we knew that we would have to drive it straight across the street to the local Enterprise car rental. While driving a 1/4 mile over, our car temp was heating up by the SECOND! This became scary with visions of $$ attached to the solution. And do remember, this was to be a 3 day escape from stress and problem solving.

Well, we arrived at the rental place without our car engine catching fire, but the ‘luck’ just continued; when we got to the front door we discovered they had closed 15 minutes earlier! On a Saturday? What!? Not a person to be found. Here it is, 12:20 on a Saturday, in Phoenix, AZ., in May…let me just say this – it was already hot! If there was any positive outlook to any of this it would be that there was a box of booze in the back of the car, oh…but then again, we had no ice! Bummer!

What to do? Ok…we had to think logically in all this despair ..even though we had already promised our brains they wouldn’t have to do any high level thinking or problem solving this weekend! But, it’s ok… fortunately Lee and I have become experts at doing so. We called our dear neighbor Kathye who came to our rescue.

Long story short, the tow truck barely arrived just in time to get our car to the dealership before they closed until Monday morning. And when I say barely, we are talking minutes and seconds! Once all the paper work was done, we received our beautiful loaner. We would worry about fixing the car next week, when we ‘had’ to.  Nonetheless, YAHOOOO…our staycation would begin.

We arrive at this beautiful resort, and start unwinding and enjoying life instantly! There is nothing but peace and serenity surrounding us (and LOTS of chirping birds). Thank you JESUS! Whoa…HOLD that thought! We enjoyed a beautiful, ME-gan salad for dinner, and went back to the room to change into our bathing suits for an evening swim, and shockingly enough (NOT!) my stomach began to gurgle. Imagine that. Really? I thought. Uggg… bacteria in the salad? I was glued to the POT for over an hour!

Oh yes…the dark cloud was still hovering! <SIGH!>

It too (meaning my poo) passed, like all things do and we actually ended up having a spectacular night in the pool & hot tub, enjoying some of Lee’s awesomely crafted drinks!

We are off to the gym now, to begin our day! We are expecting nothing but…as the Beach Boy’s sing…Good Vibrations! But if you never see a follow-up to this blog, then it could mean that we did encounter more drama or we just simply ran away to another land – far, far away.

This is not a tale of woe, we’re just rollin’ with the flow!



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IMG_9451IMG_9463 IMG_9468Click here to listen to Charlie Rich, Rollin’ With The Flow! Life’s all about GREAT music!

May good fortune follow you all! Love,

Lee & Mary