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Some people want it all, and some people have it all. Some want not as much, and some have very little. It’s a diverse world to say the least.

When it comes to food, I usually want it all. I say this and snicker, but it’s true. I suppose that people eat for different reasons; some for health, some for pleasure, some out of boredom and stress, and others for pure gluttonous reasons. Much of our eating habits have to do with how we were raised too, that’s what I believe. I don’t know…I don’t have all the answers, I just observe and absorb. It’s probably the most accurate way to get information and decipher it all.

When I first started on the ME-gan Lifestyle path, I was often challenged to have a ‘little’ of this, or a ‘bite’ of that from those closest and dearest to me (imagine that). Those little food temptations were always non-ME-gan foods – the ones I worked so hard to put behind me…the ones that made me sick. I was appalled at how these individuals wanted me to fail at something that had restored my health; brought me happiness and helped me to find ‘myself’ again. I do sincerely detest food and booze pushers – you know…the kind that insist, even after you say ‘no thank you.’ Ugggg, why are they so relentless? What is it that makes them want you to breakdown, malfunction and be unsuccessful? I just don’t get it.

As I’ve been writing about in my series, “What’s Going On With Mary and Her ME-gan World?” I have experimented with reintroducing all foods back to my system for the past 6 months. I must make note that as some people learned this, they would gleam with a sneaky, destructive smile of happiness! I guess I am not surprised, just saddened by it all.

As I left off in my previous posting, my experiment was over. It was time for me to wrap it up, document, and move on. Not so fast. Now that I had proven to myself that I still had the same reactions to the foods I had given up, I walked away with knowledge and knew that I must stay in the ME-gan Lifestyle for my own good. Well…I thought I walked away. It was then that I began to battle some serious food temptations. I remember thinking to myself that even when I first embraced the ME-gan way, I never encountered such harsh cravings. Why now? I had opened up a can of worms. I kept telling myself that once I got through the first 3 months of being strictly ME-gan again, they would subside. It wasn’t that easy. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Suddenly life was spinning out of control in other areas, and I found myself rationalizing. Excuses; that’s all they were and all they are.

How many times in my life have I learned the lesson that “nothing ‘good‘ ever comes easy?” Many times! And this was nothing more than the same lesson learned.

I guess what it all comes down to is that we must ask ourselves what it is that we truly want. Do we want to be healthier? Happier? More spiritual? Thinner? Better job? Bigger bank roll? Better relationships with our brothers and sisters; mothers and fathers, spouses, friends? Once we are truthful with ourselves, we have to then focus and strive to pursue our goal(s). Letting no one stop us, not even ourselves. We can do whatever we put our minds to, I have proven that to myself. It doesn’t mean the road will be easy, it just means that it can be done.

It’s how passionately we truly want something that determines how far we will go to succeed. We haven’t failed until we give up and stop trying.

Each day brings new challenges, and difficulties do arise. As long as we are doing our best at achieving our own personal goals, then what more is there to be done?

Sometimes things ARE they way they appear in the mirror and sometimes they are NOT. When we think somethings going to be easy, we may later find it’s quite the opposite. Prepare for road blocks, get up when you get knocked down and most of all, keep the faith!

Philippians 4:7 – Then God’s own peace, which is beyond all understanding, will stand guard over your hearts and minds, in Christ Jesus.

Gods love and peace to you.