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Let me describe what it’s like to find success, health, & happiness, and then to lose them; of course I’m speaking of my success with The ME-gan Lifestyle. After years of suffering and being down right miserable; doctors not being able to provide answers or relief, I was bewildered & amazed at the results I received when I took control of my own life! Listening to my body speak and finally getting involved with my own health by doing research and speaking to knowledgeable people who had so much to share, made all the difference in the world to me. CHANGE began to happen, rather quickly I might add.


I was in it to win it! (as Randy Jackson would say!) Eating all the right foods, which in the ME-gan Lifestyle is whole goodness! Gluten free, vegan, organic when possible! In other words, Mother Nature in all her goodness and splendor!

As I talk about in my book, The ME-gan Lifestyle, changing my lifestyle allowed me to reverse years of damage and not only find good health again, but MYSELF again! THIS is what I describe as success.


4 solid years of health, happiness, illness & symptom free; life was great! And now, this quote is what comes to mind:

IF it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Wise words indeed! I tampered, and I paid the piper. Yes, I fell from Eden because I tested the waters and discovered the results were not what I had been told they could possibly be (never any promises of course). First off, let me clarify that I knew better. I knew darn well what I would encounter. BUT…and that’s a big but, I had to do it for documentation reasons; trust me. I’m not going to lie, I was excited about tasting my favorite non-ME-gan foods again, but never for one moment did I expect not to revert back to what I spent years trying to get over. In all fairness, once I decided to do this, I wanted to give it a serious try. Maybe this would prove to be successful after all and a ‘good cleansing’ is all we need to reset ourselves, so to speak. Yes, I wanted to give it a sincere chance and therefore I started off very slowly, as I mentioned previously, once a month. I didn’t notice anything at first, health wise, only that it opened the flood gates of food temptation. My lips had tasted the forbidden fruit. Uh Oh.


These foods are delicious, no doubt – but they simply do not do a body good! Why is ‘BAD’ food always addicting? Makes a person go – “Hmmm.”

Like I have mentioned in my book, and many times throughout this blog, I have no control when it comes to a no-boundaries style of eating. I never know where to begin, and more importantly…where to end. I want it all. Hey, at least I admit my shortcomings! LOL!! The truth is, I work better with boundaries. I think most humans do (rules, laws and regulations!).

So…you get the idea, right? I’m sure you do. So how did my body cry out? Allow me to explain. It turned into a spewing volcano again, for those of you who have read my book, you are familiar with that particular phrase I used to describe my body in all it’s illness & symptoms. Weight gain, pimples, headaches, lethargy, depression, gas & painful bloatiness, and even slight signs of Raynaud’s returned. Oh, throw in an extra dose of bitchiness, because I was not happy at all! What had I done? Uggg…


Had all my hard work and dedication just been tossed away? What had I done? I was used to others sabotaging my efforts, but had I done it to myself?

“Oh well,” I thought to myself, “good experiment.” I had concluded that one cannot reintroduce all the bad foods to their system and expect different results – even after cleansing, and even when re-introducing them slowly. It just doesn’t work; at least with me it hadn’t. And why would anyone want to start eating bad again anyway? Bad is bad – period. Just a stupid thing to do after achieving such stellar results. But now it was time for me to wrap it up, document, and move on.

Here’s where it got difficult. Please come back again, and find out just what I mean and where things stand at this point in time with me and my ME-gan Lifestyle.

May the ‘good’ winds of change blow in YOUR direction!

ME-gan love…