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The ME-gan Lifestyle encompasses healthy living. What we feed our minds and bodies determines how we look and feel. When you see a sluggish person, do you think that they are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need? When you see an obese person, who can barely get around, with one complaint after another, is your first thought “wow, they must be eating awesomely healthy?” I doubt it.

I would suppose there is truth in those wise words “You are what you eat.” If you eat health, you’re going to reap health. Is that so hard to believe?


Everyday is a gift from God and we can take and enjoy it, or we can throw it away. The desire to be healthy & to live life to the fullest goes hand in hand with a positive attitude. It’s in hatefulness, angriness, jealousy, envy, sloth, glutony and all the many other derogatory states of being in which we allow ourselves to succumb to, that our minds and bodies start to develop illness and disease. We simply cannot shine, the way God intended us to, when we are anchored down with poor health; both mentally and physically. We are no good to ourselves, or to others.

There’s nothing more effective than self-analysis and putting your very own plan to achieve better health & happiness into play. It’s always nice to have a partner and/or friend (or several of each) to journey your new path with you. But if you have to go it alone, then do it. YOU are No. 1, numero uno…get it, got it, good!

Embrace the ME-gan Lifestyle today. Put down that processed food that is loaded with chemicals, gluten, additives and preservatives; high salt, high fat, uggg… must I go on!? And learn to live with out the dairy, egg, meat, chicken, pork, fish… life DOES go on without all this, trust me!

Perhaps you enjoy all these foods, and maybe you are as fit as a fiddle, then fine! I’m not pushing YOU or anyone else; but for those of you who are in a bad place, mentally, physically & spiritually, and you know who you are, then you may want to immediately consider embracing a lifestyle change TODAY!




Fresh juiced oranges with steel cut oats for breakfast, is that punishment? How about eating fresh beets or juicing them? Is that torture? I don’t think so!


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The ME-gan lifestyle enjoys raw foods, juicing, fantastic & scrumptious ME-gan meals, as well as getting out and exercising! Mother Nature offers limitless options to you and your family and brings health and beauty to your dinner table.

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You don’t have to join a gym, why? How about walking, bike riding, roller skating, jogging…these are all great ways to get fit. Just get active! Your body will thank you and you’ll be a different person; happier and healthier.

The ME-gan Lifestyle will be your partner in achieving your goal to a NEW and BETTER you!

Come back tomorrow for more of my story of “What’s going on with Mary and her ME-gan world?”

Mother Nature’s nourishing love to you all,



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