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So, what IS going on in my ME-gan world? And, what IS so ‘shocking,’ as I put it in my previous posting?

Ahhh… where do I begin? (This is me taking a deep breath)…

If we could wind the clock back to one year from today, it would be about the time when some unexpected winds of change started blowing my way. These weren’t exactly the well needed, ‘good’ winds of change that I like to expect and prefer to speak of. Nonetheless, they blew, and quite hard I might add. I’ll save all the intricate details for my next book! Oh, and there’s one coming…take my word!

Yes.. the winds of change kept blowing, and by mid-fall, of last year, I began to question what it would be like to wander off the ME-gan (gluten free, vegan) path just ever so slightly. “What would happen?” I wondered. I took into consideration what I’d previously heard about body cleansing and some of the guidance going around suggesting that once a body has been cleansed, and illness has left or gone into remission, that a person could slowly re-introduce foods into their body. The theory being that the person would most likely discover that they would not have the same ‘bad’ effect to these foods as they experienced prior to the cleansing. Since I had been strictly ME-gan for basically 4 years, my curiosity was peaked. Just in time for the holidays. Oh Joy.

After, what I considered at the time to be ‘careful consideration,’ I decided to eat ‘no boundaries style’ once a month. It didn’t take terribly long for that once-a-month to become twice a month. But let me stop there, for a minute, before I jump too far ahead too soon.

My brother Matty likes to use this analogy, and I’ll quote:

Once you get off a straight path, even if just a ‘step,’ it is no longer a straight path.

How true is that? I mean, if that doesn’t just say it all, I don’t know what does. My straight path had been messed with. Corrupted. Little did I know this truth at the time.


Once you get off the straight path, who knows where it will lead?

Once the forbidden fruit, if you will, touched my lips and seeped through my system…like evil on a cold dark night, I began to slowly (actually, maybe quicker than I think) lose control.  Of course, I can write about this now because hind sight is 20/20, but at the time I had no idea what uproar this diversion was causing inside of me; mind, body and soul.

But I can’t go spilling all the beans right now, can I? Certainly NOT. And I won’t. I want you to absorb what I’ve conveyed to you thus far, and ponder it. Perhaps try to guess where my story will lead and how far it may go. I think all my readers will be surprised and shocked to say the least; some may even be unbelieving, while others will not be surprised at all.

For those of you who have ready my book, The ME-gan Lifestyle, you know I like to use the term “listen to your body talk.” It’s true, your body does speak, and you MUST listen. Otherwise, you’ve declared war with your own being. That doesn’t make much sense now does it?

I hope you come back for my next posting to find out what happened next on my journey into the unknown. I’m juggling life right now, as we all are I’m sure, but I love my blog and I love comments and followers. It, and you, are like sunshine on a cloudy day – welcomed and much needed.

ME-gan love, peace, health and faith to you all,