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Pineapples are so refreshing, aren’t they? They jazz up pool side drinks and bring the ISLAND feel & taste to meals! I like to enjoy pineapple bites right out of a bowl too.

These delicious, low-fat, cholesterol-free fruits have much to offer in the way of nutrients! Try this on for size…1 cup offers about 100% of vitamin C and manganese (which is essential for the metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol and carbs). Pineapple offers other minerals as well such as copper, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Read up and find out more about the wealth of health that pineapples provide! Thank you Mother Goodness… I mean, Mother Nature!

We picked up a nice juicy one over the weekend and Lee put his unique cutting skills to use! Check out these cool pics!

IMG_8566 IMG_8567 IMG_8568 IMG_8569 IMG_8570

IMG_8575 IMG_8576 IMG_8577

Ahhh yes…feel your mind and body come alive when you nourish it with fresh fruits and veggies! And feel quite the opposite when you down a greasy burger with all the trimmings. But, food doesn’t need to be ‘fast food’ in order for it not to be the healthiest. Food in fine presentation can still have the same effect on the body, don’t be fooled. Know your body, know your limits, no matter what or where you are eating.

Food temptations are real, and they are nothing to joke about. If you don’t believe it ask Weight Watchers and/or OA (Overeaters Anonymous), or just ask me – I know the battle well. Obesity is on the rise in both the young and the old. No one is immune to it. Grease, salt, chemicals, they all make food addicting. Your best defense is knowledge. Know what you are eating! Learn to read labels, learn about caloric intake, and find out what your daily allowance should be! Friendly, ME-gan advise…

Seek knowledge…be armed and dangerous!

Love always…