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Oh wow… we are loving the weather here in Phoenix today! It’s bright, sunny, warm…birds are chirping & best of all, we’re alive, breathing, in love, have each other, have FAMIGLIA, and we’ve been blessed to enjoy another day on God’s great earth!

What a perfect day to gather some of Mother Nature’s most delicious veggies and prepare some food for the week; and that’s exactly what I’ve done. First on the menu is a big pot of veggie soup.


IMG_8529 IMG_8536

IMG_7483 IMG_8539 IMG_8542 IMG_8543 IMG_8544

And then after getting the soup on, I had lots of veggie scraps, which I have begun to slow simmer for a couple of hours. This will make a tasty homemade veggie stock. If you haven’t made your own stock yet, you should. Not only do you know what’s going into it, it’s economically $MART! Simply add your scraps and water to the pot, season it to your liking, and simmer….the longer the better. When it’s done, strain it, throw out the scraps and VOILA! This freezes nicely too for future use.



I also had fresh beets roasting in the oven while I was making the soup. They turned out superb and they are simply gorgeous too! Mmm…Casa Bortelino is quite aromatic at the moment!

IMG_8517IMG_8552IMG_8554I must say, this beautiful weather reminds Lee & I both of why we strive for better health. Afterall, how can we possible enjoy life if we’re all gimped up? Obesity, allergies, lethargy, migraines, joint pain, Raynaud’s, etc. all the horrors that I used to suffer from eating a no boundaries diet, especially ‘gluten,’ my body’s no. 1 enemy,  have all subsided with the ME-gan Lifestyle! Why go back(wards)?

Today, while in the kitchen…mouth’s watering and nostrils flaring with the scent of all these goodies, we munched on some fresh fruit to hold us over.

IMG_8515Summer is right around the corner, get on the good foot now! Get out, exercise, eat right and know your limits when it comes to food! Listen to your body talk. For instance, are your joints bothering you? Are you stiff when you get out of bed, or after sitting for a while? Lay off the meats. What’s that you say? You can’t? You love your Rib-eye too much? Ok, then fine, sorry – can’t help you. Just don’t complain – 🙂 But if you would like to feel better, then try the ME-gan Lifestyle for 30 days…go ahead, what have you got to lose besides weight and discomfort?

Sometimes feeling better is worth the pain of gain. And once you have gained better health, the pain will be over! It’s a win-win situation! There’s more to life than eating all the wrong foods, trust me.

Learn about the ME-gan Lifestyle – pick up your copy today! Better health and happiness are waiting…don’t delay. image002

ME-ganly healthy love to you all! Now, if you will please excuse me while I go and enjoy the fruits of my labor! 🙂