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Lee and I have a joke with each other that all started because we both just LOVE to talk. We can talk each other to sleep – it’s just a matter of who can out last the other. One night he asked me, “who put a nickel in you?” and we both just started laughing so hard. I had never heard that before and it struck me so funny. Now I’ll say to him, “who put a quarter in you?!”

But yes, I DO love to talk. Thus…my blogs! The love of ‘talking’ and ‘writing’ go hand in hand, if you ask me anyway. It’s the passion of WORDS. Sometimes I sit down with multiple topics to write about and it’s quite difficult to choose ‘the’ one. With my full-time job now I have less time to write, so when I do, I need to pick wisely! I tend to go with what’s leading in my life at the moment.

At this moment, Lee and I have started a 30 day challenge to see who can lose the most weight. We are both aiming for 10 lbs. We have had a heck of a time incorporating exercise into our lives. We’ve done it in the past with no problem, and have enjoyed the YMCA, but since we both started new jobs last year, it’s been almost impossible. I sit all day long and literally ‘spread’ as the minutes tick by. I’m not kidding. It’s just not fair! Thank God we eat the way we do, or else we’d be even bigger (fatter)!

To kick off this 30 day challenge, we started off our day today by taking a trip to the local farmer’s market. We met some interesting people and found some awesome products. I was quite happy to find a booth that sold ME-gan food! Yes – it’s true, gluten free & vegan! Yeah! Although I have become a great ME-gan cook, it sure is nice when I run across ME-gan food prepared by others. I love sampling their food & learning about their unique cooking techniques and the various spices that they use. It’s a great chance to learn and increase my skills too. Mostly, it’s just great to have someone else do the cooking, allowing me to simply ENJOY! Their website is www.houseofmacro.com, and here are some DEE-LISH (and I mean AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!) products we bought from them today:

Kazari Inari

IMG_8276Seaweed Salad

IMG_8291Kabocha Cashew Miso

IMG_8292Renkon Don


My plate when I got home


Here are some bars that they also make





Lee also found some very tasty seeds at another booth, they are called Yulu Seeds. They are the tiniest little things, but are quite yummy to munch on. When you’re watching your caloric intake, these little treats can sneak up on ya!



So, as Lee and I embark on our latest and greatest 30 day challenge to shed our winter coat – 10 lbs worth of it anyway, we encourage you all to get smart(er) on your food choices too. Throw away the burgers, the fries, and all the extravaganzas that you have been gorging yourself on, and embrace the taste of health from Mother Nature.

Embrace The ME-gan Lifestyle! Get your copy now – what are you waiting for?