First day of school for the 4th grade class. The teacher, Miss Landers, was calling the student roll and asked each student one at a time to stand and tell the class their name.  When the teacher called upon the 5th little girl and asked “What’s your name?” the sweet little girl replied with a big smile “It’s Happy Butt!” The teacher said, “Honey, that’s not very nice. Now, what’s your name?” Again, the little girl replied, very proudly, “Happy Butt!” The teacher was shocked and said “Now young lady, if you don’t want to be in trouble, for the last time tell me your name.” Once again, the little girl replied “Happy Butt!” In frustration the teacher said, “On this seating chart it says your name is Gladys. Why are you saying that naughty name? Sweet little girls don’t say words likes that.” The girl answered, “Glad-Ass? Happy-Butt? What’s the difference?”

(laughter fills the room!)

Soooo…… this joke came to mind this morning. Let me explain why :)… I was remembering a time when my sister Carmela and I had a thing going a few years back where we’d call each other on the weekend and compare ‘happy stories’ and described to one another what our thrill of the weekend was. For example, we’d tell the other one something like: “we’re sitting out by the pool, sipping on  piña coladas,” or “we’re at the beach eating crabs,” and so forth.  You know how it goes, right? When you’re happy you think everyone else is happy & wants to hear your happy butt story!

Well, one Friday night, I was on my way to a Neil Diamond concert, and was FEELING GOOD! Quite HAPPY – to say the least! I called Carmela from the road to tell her where I was going, and she answered the phone quite angrily and shouted “I can’t entertain your happy ass every Friday night!” and then hung up the phone on me. I was shocked! I thought, she MUST be joking. Well, after calling her back and getting clarification, I found out that she was NOT joking at all; she just wasn’t happy at the time, and didn’t want to hear my happy ‘butt’ story while she was in a state of misery! LOL!

I believe we are all the same in this respect; if we are down and out, ‘happy’ people just irk us. Who wants others to flaunt their _____ (insert word of choice here: health, wealth, happiness, good fortune, etc. here,) while we are experiencing just the opposite?

So, what’s my point? For those of you who are experiencing the after holiday blues; the biggest flu epidemic in decades; bills piling up; the economy spinning us into disarray and the politicians spending us into oblivion; a boss who rides you because they went to micro managing school; the feeling that everyone wants something from you and they demand it right now; and the never-ending worries about your loved ones…welcome to the club! Since others don’t have the good sense to know better, it’s OK to use the “Carmela truth serum,” and tell them like it is:  “I DON’T HAVE TIME TO ENTERTAIN YOUR HAPPY ASS EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT!”

Random blogging love to you all!