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Have you had a chance to reflect back over 2012 yet? Hopefully you have. I know I certainly have; and actually, I’ve been recapping for the past several weeks now. We all have those memories of 2012 that pop out like a SNAKE at us, you know…the obvious ones like being laid off, or applying for unemployment (and then being turned down), and what about the really bad recollections like not knowing where your next dollar is going to come from? Have any of you faced these dilemmas in 2012? My guess is that most Americans did. It’s a sad time in American history… the US debt, the unemployment crisis, the housing market crash, and so much more. For me, my 2012 health care plan was ME-gan style eating and prayer! And I’m happy to say they both came through!

It’s not very difficult to remember the negative, but before we slam the door on 2012 in a hurry, and murmur the words “SEE YA!” let’s remember the good times!

There is good in everything! And for those of us who truly believe and have the faith it takes to carry on, we know that bad always works out for the better! If we look back over our lives, we can verify that without a doubt. Just ask yourself, “when has something bad, even if it meant hitting rock bottom, not worked out for the better…in the long run?” I can’t think of a time.

I have no regrets, well…maybe only one…that I worried when the chips were low. Because, like I just said, anything bad will always work out for the best, so I should have worried less and smiled more! This year I will!

God bless all of you and have a safe & happy NEW YEAR! ME-gan Love, health and happiness to you & yours!

Take nothing for granted and in all things rejoice!

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