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I’m so happy that we’re all still here on earth today! I wonder what those Mayans really meant?

Many feared 12.21.12 for months, maybe even years, and I’m sure they were in knots all day yesterday. But what I focused on yesterday most of all was that if it really were the last day here on earth, had I done all that I wanted to? Had I made peace with all those I’ve needed to? Did I say “I love you” enough to all those whom are so dear to me?


Family is everything! Love them while you can!


Good times and memories…make them!


Be healthy…be happy, and love today! Tomorrow is not promised to anyone!


Sisters…a special gift from God!


Especially baby sisters! My sweet Lucia!


Reunite with friends from your past! Staying in touch makes the world happier! You’ll be happier too!

We have the famous quote by Abraham Lincoln painted on one of the walls at work,

Don’t put off for tomorrow what  you can do today.

If that doesn’t say it all and provide me with a daily reminder of what I do and do not need to accomplish, then I don’t know what does!

Only God knows when our world will end; and I’m sure yesterday ‘was’ the end for many people, but we are still here and what is truly important is that we are pure of heart, live life to the fullest and get the most out of each and every moment while we can! Love makes the world go round

Our physical and mental health has much say in what we can and cannot do, so please put yourself first – LOVE yourself. Start considering what you are putting into your body, whether it be food, drink, medications, drugs, alcohol, chemicals, etc. Our body and mind is what holds us together and makes us who we are. We cannot work, provide for ourselves or our loved ones, and nor can we LIVE if we are in a sickly way.

Regain LIFE, happiness, health…and find the YOU that you lost long ago! We are not alone; God is with us every step of the way. Keep the faith.

So I’ll leave you with two thoughts:

  1. Remember the wise words above by Abraham Lincoln;
  2. Today, it only comes once…so make positive change happen!

ME-gan love and happiness to you all!