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Tonight is an exciting night here in the Phoenix area. See, we hardly ever get ‘weather’ so when we get wind, rain, thunder, dust storms, whatever it is, we perk right up! We actually look forward to storms and rain! So, tonight the perfect storm is rolling in from the West. Thunder is expected to roll around 11 pm, and the Northern parts of AZ are going to get buried with snow! Ahh…snow! I remember snow! That’s right, before I moved out West I used to enjoy snow every winter…but it’s a rare commodity here, unless we drive to it.  And actually, driving to it is not so bad, because when you’ve had enough, you simply drive out of it. Leave the black slush for others to deal with!

So as I was leaving work tonight I thought that some ME-gan chili sounded good since it’s actually ‘BUURRRRR…..COLD’ outside, but then I realized I didn’t really have the time to make it, at least the way I make chili! Heck, I spend an hour just prepping…then an hour or more to cook it! So, while Lee was outside securing Casa Bortelino from the approaching storm, I found some quick but delicious food to throw together. I always say:

it may not look like there’s much food in my house, but I can guarantee it’s enough to feed an army of hungry ME-gans!

Those of you who know me, know I LOVE kale! And I just so happened to have a bag of already cut and rinsed kale! Thank God! So I sautéed it in some olive oil and vegetable stock, steamed for 5 minutes with the lid on, and then let cook without the lid for another 5 minutes. Simple and DEELISH! No need for seasoning, just PERFECT as is!


It’s important to have staple foods on hand for those nights you’re not quite sure what to cook! Having a variation of food in the fridge and cupboards makes life so much easier! Unless you are someone who goes out to eat every night and never has to worry about cooking your own meals. If you do that, I can guarantee you’re not ME-gan! 🙂


I always have carrots! I love boiled carrots and potatoes! They happen to go PERFECT with Kale!


It started off with an overflow of kale in my pan!


But I was able to make it all fit…


I had to taste it of course before I served it!


All of that, made only this…HOW DO IT DO IT?


And here you have it, my plate of kale with boiled potatoes & carrots! Mmm! Yes, the perfect meal for the night of the perfect storm! OR… any night you feel like eating pure HEALTH(y)!!!

This meal probably took me 1/2 hour start to finish. And needless to say it was amazingly scrumptious! Stay healthy, eat smart; guilt free eating at it’s best! Come on along and join in! ME-gan love to all!