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In having no limitations, no boundaries, no guidelines and worse…no control, when it comes to food and what you put into your body, you may very well be enabled to EAT THE WORLD!

No matter if I’m walking or driving, I pass one restaurant after the next. Whether it be a fast food chain, a small, family owned food business or a big fancy restaurant, food aromas fill the air. Chinese, Mexican, Asian, American! Burgers, wings, hot dogs, sandwiches, soup & salad bars, BBQ, steaks, seafood, dessert shops, bakeries, etc. etc. etc.

My senses go haywire; my head spins, my mouth waters and my stomach cries out: STOP THE HYSTERIA  OF TEMPTATION &  ITS UNREASONABLENESS!!

Like any subject in life, this too is either one you can relate to, or one you have no connection to at all. Maybe everyone doesn’t fight food addiction. Maybe some of you can eat ever whatever you want, as much as you want, as often as you want, and still suffer no side effects, including obesity. And then again, maybe there are some living in denial. But somewhere out there, because I am not an island, is a person who hears what I am saying! They admittedly say to themselves, “That’s me…that’s me!

For some of us, for whatever reason, food has become our adversary. It doesn’t seem fair. We rationalize until the cows come home. We try to counter balance our addiction with exercise – which most often than not never pans out. We try numerous diets that always fail, mostly because we cannot practice them for long periods of time. We try to convince ourselves if we only eat ‘bad’ once in a while (which starts off being once a month, but quickly turns to twice a month, then inevitably becomes weekly and then back to daily), it won’t hurt us. Not true! It’s a vicious cycle of failed attempts to control something we have no control over.

Or do we?

What I have come to learn in my life is: the best way to overcome an addiction is to avoid it in the first place. Steer clear of anything that has the potential of ruling & ruining your life. 

But once an addiction grabs hold of us, there is still hope! Nothing is ever easy. Everything that is worth having in life requires prayer, dedication, conviction, hope &  faith, and guess what? At that point, the WILL to do so is ours for the taking! Regaining our life is worth the hard work it requires to make happen, wouldn’t you agree?

We must remember that we can talk ourselves out of anything. It’s amazing. We want to be strong, but then that evil little enabling voice in our head starts chattering away like a brat who won’t be quite, and makes us believe that we deserve this food. “We’ve worked hard and therefore should be rewarded” it says. Then it goes on to tell us that “we are adults and that we only live once, so enjoy it while we can.” LIES! LIES! LIES! Make them go away!

They are all lies and half-truths! What we truly deserve is better than this. We don’t deserve obesity. We don’t deserve sickness, symptoms and disease. Don’t you want to be able to play with your children? Enjoy your spouse? Enjoy vacations? Travel? Take your elderly mother out into the world? You can’t do it by being overweight, on medication and just one ailment after the next. No! It’s hard to do anything with failing health; mentally and physically degrading health that is.

So when those voices start telling you that “just one BIG MAC,” or “just one night at your favorite restaurant eating crab legs, steak, and everything in between won’t hurt you,” just tell them where to go and mean it!

There is no such thing as just ‘this one time,’ or a ‘special occasion.’ We all know there are reasons a plenty. Tighten down the hatch and keep those temptations out. The answer is ‘YES,’ we do have control over our food addiction; or any addiction for that matter. We do not have control over many things in life, but we do have control over what we allow ourselves to think, believe, act, feel, eat & drink!

Start today, it’s the 1st day of the rest of your life. A slimmer you, a healthier you, a happier you and a SELF-CONTROLLED YOU is right around the corner!

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Congrats on your decision to kick your food addiction! Let the ME-gan Lifestyle help you through! You are not alone. Go ahead, eat the world…just let Mother Nature be your table!

ME-gan love and self-control to you!


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