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Addictions SUCK! No, really… literally…they SUCK; they suck the life right out of you!

And by the way, what causes addictions? Is there such a thing as a good addiction? If the addiction is a healthy one, is it considered to be bad since it’s an ‘addiction?’ And last, what does it take to break an addiction?

From my point of view, I think a person can be addicted to health and clean living, no doubt. When we speak of  ‘good’ addictions I think we tend to refer to them as ‘kicks;’ we’ve all heard the expression, “health kick!” But, what I am really talking about now are the bad addictions. Bad addictions are no fun. I believe there are two forces in this world, good and evil. Addictions are here to kill, steal and destroy. Hmmm, sounds like that evil force we all know about, right?

Whether you are battling with drugs, alcohol, food, or any other addiction, breaking them is no laughing matter. I’ve openly said in my book that when I had a ‘no boundaries’ way of eating, I ate everything! It was a real problem for me, a true addiction. “Where do I begin?” was one question, and “Where do I end?” was the other question.

To quote an article from the Betty Ford Center,

The good news is the addiction is treatable for you, your family, and the addict in your life. You don’t have to go on living your life controlled by the addiction.

The key word is treatable, because if you think about it, we would like to ‘control’ our addiction(s), but more often than not, we fail. Therefore we must admit that we need to ‘treat’ it. We must surrender and hand it over to God. If we had the power to moderate then we would not have to deal with addictions, right? Right. Some of us do have the power, and can keep in moderation; some of us don’t and can’t. I guess those of us who deal with addictions are just the chosen ones! 🙂 There’s a reason for everything, we must find that reason.

The path to a healthy lifestyle of eating requires inner strength, dedication, determination and above all consistency. Even those who “scoff” at our journey of eating for superior health, must be somewhat envious of our ability to achieve through strength. In contrast, the one who is challenged with an addiction is considered to be weak in spirit and dedication. I don’t believe it is that simple.  Each of us is confronted with numerous choices in everything we do on any ordinary day. It is here that we begin to see the light. The key is to have a steadfast, unshakable belief in what is right in our life and what boundaries we will not cross without exception.

Without a solid spiritual belief within, we will all succumb to an external attack at some point.

It is not a rational choice of right and wrong. It is getting up each morning and putting on our cloak of spiritual beliefs that help prevent us from going down the long dark road in the first place. Without a core set of values, custom crafted by each of us & backed by God, we will eventually fall prey to an external force or temptation. Either we are in charge of ourselves and proud to proclaim it, or we are a victim just waiting for our number to be called; “Now serving #28, right this way.”  Who is in charge? You or the tempters? With that said, wouldn’t you agree that we are ultimately the only one who can prevent an addiction in the first place? It’s certainly something to consider.

Addictions can be overcome. Like success in any area of life, it takes passion, commitment, love of self, family, God, and the will to live and be happy! Each day, when temptation comes knocking at your door, you simply say – “this conversation will not happen!” And you carry on. It’s constant, never-ending, day in and day out…you live with it – but most importantly – you WIN!

Love to all, and I am ME-ganly praying that you all live to the best of your ability!