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Fall has got to be my favorite time of year. Growing up we would rake leaves into a big pile and jump from the trees into them. I think back and laugh! Leaves are not like cotton balls, so how we didn’t break anything is beyond me. Maybe they were just really big piles, at least big enough to cushion the fall a bit! I don’t remember ever getting hurt.

Of course fall back East, where I grew up, around the MD/DC & VA areas, was absolutely gorgeous. The drives through Virginia, or to Gettysburg, what stunning views! Fall colors are truly amazing.

Let’s not forget about the apple butter, apple pies, apple sauce, apple anything for that matter! And pumpkin too of course! Mmm…pumpkin butter! It’s a toss-up for me what I like most, pumpkin butter or apple butter! The road side stands will sell you anything fall; all types of squash, pumpkins, apples, mums, whatever your flavor of the day is!

Here in Phoenix, we can see awesome fall colors on the beautifully changing leaves by just taking a short, enjoyable drive North! Well worth it! And of course we have Schnepf Farms here – what a treat for all. Don’t let fall pass you by without getting in on the splendors and many flavors of Mother Nature’s wonderful season!

Make sure you get out to the fall festivals that are going on this time of year. Kids and adults will surely enjoy! Food and fun for the whole family!

“Fall”ing in love with fall! Ciao for now! I’ll leave you with some fallish photos – well, at least as close to fall as I’ve gotten so far this year. Hopefully we’ll make it up North next weekend and capture the true beauty of fall!

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Love Mary