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More and more we hear about ‘healthy eating’ and the many benefits there are when we cut back or eliminate meats, dairy products, gluten, junk food, fast food, and processed foods. In other words, leaning towards a plant-based diet. I fully agree that a plant-based diet is the way to go. There are no if’s, but’s, and’s, or maybe’s about it. It’s a fact. Sure, there will be those who argue it and try to prove otherwise, but in all reality, it truly is the epitome of healthy eating.

To live a plant-based diet, or as we do – The ME-gan Lifestyle, it truly takes dedication, commitment, the will & desire to be the best you can be! Not only speaking of health, but also of happiness, faith, family and all realms of life. It’s a mind set. Keep the negative at bay and surround yourself with goodness and positivity.

There are times I miss eating my favorite foods, and just recently I have had a one-off day (or two) where I have eaten non-ME-gan. But I can tell you that I prefer not putting these things into my body. The mind and body do not thrive from high caloric, high fats, high chemicals, high salt, animal carcass, etc. It weighs us down, we gain weight, get allergies, experience lethargy, migraines, and more.

What I am struggling with now, since I am back to full-time work & very long hours, is being able to cook and have meals prepared ahead of time. I’m doing it, but it’s not ‘EASY,’ and I never told anyone it was. I can imagine it’s even harder for families with small children and where both parents work; that’s why I say it takes dedication. Preparation takes time, and you must certainly have the passion to be successful. I come home at the end of the day and want to collapse, but I don’t. I know I have to get dinner ready, as well as lunches for the following day.

I know some people attempt to live a healthier lifestyle, who maybe even take a stab at the ME-gan Lifestyle, and then they become bored with the food. They miss their old favorites. It’s hard to think this could be possible when we have all the splendors of Mother Nature to enjoy, but it does happen. I’ve experienced this emotion myself. I think this is due to how most Americans are raised, with an over abundance of food at our fingertips. Thus…the obesity crisis. We’ve all been brainwashed for years, and when we finally reach a point in our lives when we want to change, we battle our temptations. Success is never easy.

No one is perfect, and just because we try and may fall, we should never be discouraged to stop. We have not failed, until we have given up. Each day is another chance to do our best and be the best we can be.

I wish you all health and happiness. Eat right, get lots of exercise and sleep! Get on top of your game!

When food temptations come at you, just remember…we need to eat to live, not live to eat! Once you lose those 100 lbs – more OR less, whatever you need to lose, and when you start feeling better …no more joint pain, no more migraines, no more eczema – you’ll be glad you took that leap towards better health. No pain, no gain.

So the question, “Do American’s Really Want to Get Fit?” is one to ponder. I believe the answer is yes! There’s no way you can tell me people enjoy looking in the mirror at themselves at the obese weight they have gotten to. And I doubt anyone enjoys battling illness, disease and symptoms. I believe we ALL want to get fit; to look and feel our best! Not only Americans, but EVERYONE AROUND THE GLOBE!

Restaurants are introducing healthier options, especially for the gluten intolerant people as well as vegetarians and vegans. This is a great sign that we are heading towards a healthier mentality. Lee and I are part of a group of friends that get together every couple of months to share music and food. It’s so much fun. There’s nothing like good friends, good times, good food & good drink! There’s always food sure to please everyone and their various styles of eating. I am seeing this more and more at social gatherings; healthy choices are not left out anymore! It didn’t used to be this way. Spice up your next get together and dinner party with beautiful and healthy food!

Health and fitness is spreading – join in, don’t delay!

Have a GREAT WEEK. ME-gan love to you!