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I just recently heard this song, “One Meatball” and it’s hilarious! I just love it! Part of the lyrics go,

One Meatball, one meatball, ya gets no bread with one meatball!

Click here to hear this song – you’ll love it too! No matter how you slice it, food is a part of life for all of us, actually I should correct myself and say “a BIG part of life!” Food=tradition, and vice versa. No one enjoys diets or any type of food restrictions, it’s understandable. However, some of us choose special diets by choice and others out of necessity for health or religious reasons.

As I talk about in the ME-gan Lifestyle, I chose to change my eating habits due to health reasons. It turns out that it worked out great for me, as I have never felt better. Life seriously changed for me when I made this lifestyle change.

It’s hard to imagine ‘NEVER’ eating your favorite food(s) ever again. But, for me, I never really thought about it too much because the health benefits were too rewarding for me with my new style of eating. Now I am going on 4 years of ME-gan living, and I am actually at a point where I would like to see if I can eat some of my ‘old’ favorite foods once in a while. ‘Once in a while’ could be twice a year, it could be once a month. However I choose to proceed, if I choose to proceed, it will be quite interesting to see if my body immediately reverts back to physical issues or not. But I do know this, pain, discomfort, migraines, lethargy, skin issues, etc. is not worth eating the foods that cause them, even if the food is GREAT. That’s my opinion anyway.

I remember my sister once told me jokingly, because we’re Italian, “You are going to go to hell if you never eat another meatball!” I still laugh at that to this day! She may be right! 🙂 I even told my priest last week that I had been jonesing for a meatball, and he replied “I won’t tell anyone if you do!” and then we all laughed about it!

Hey…the most important thing for all of us to remember is that…

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone! So make sure you are HAPPY and not missing out on life! If a meatball makes you happy, but also makes you sick, work it out! There is more than one way to be healthy & happy!

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s hard to be happy when you’re sick. So make sure you are doing what needs to be done to be HEALTHY! And then see what you can do to incorporate anything you feel you’re missing out on. Perhaps if that “one meatball” is what you’re missing, then maybe you can eat it once in a while instead of every day. That’s what I mean by work it out!

Here are some fall squash pictures – you know me, I love my fall squash! Along with some fresh green beans & red potatoes! Enjoy….

Acorn Squash





Mmm – fresh green beans!

Roasted red potatoes & green beans! They were DEE-LISH and seasoned to die for!

Live, love and be happy – but also be HEALTHY, so you can truly experience these things to the fullest!

ME-gan love!