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The first day AND the first week are now both behind me at my new job. All I can say is WOW! I always love a good challenge, and I got myself another one now, that’s for sure. I look at it like this, we can all do whatever we put our minds to. It’s that simple. We either choose to do it, or we choose not to.

Once we take on something, it is ours for the taking. There is no such thing as failure until we give up. Giving up is not on this girl’s menu!

Speaking of menu, I did say I would get back to you and let you know what ME-gan magic I pulled this week to feed Lee & myself lunch and dinner. I can tell you this…it was nothing fancy!

Getting up at 5:30 and returning home at 5:30, with little time to prepare a meal for that night’s dinner, as well as tomorrow’s lunch, does not leave room for ‘exquisite’ meals, but it does require creativity on your part and the will to survive vs. STARVE! LOL!

Sunday I had made spaghetti squash and a pot of pea soup. I also prepared little baggies of celery and carrot sticks for the week. I had fruit in the house, as well as several staple items, which for me are things like; tofu, salad, guacamole, rice, gf noodles, canned veggies and legumes, almond milk, cereal, and snack items such as Glutino crackers, breakfast bars and small snack size containers of applesauce and tangerines; all ME-gan food items of course. This was enough to make a week’s worth of lunches AND dinners too if you ask me.

To give you an idea of lunches for the week, here is what I packed for Lee and I on Monday & Tuesday, the other days followed suit:


  • 1 personal size container of ‘Minute Ready To Serve Rice.’ (I buy the brown and the white, both are really good and convenient to say the least!).
  • Pea soup
  • A couple of water bottles (Lee also likes cranberry juice so I bought small bottles of those for him too)
  • 1 baggie with a handful of cashew nuts
  • 1 container of applesauce
  • 1 baggie with carrot & celery sticks
  • 1 Glutino breakfast bar


  • Peas (I opened a can of peas and split it between the two of us)
  • Corn (I did the same as with the peas)
  • Pea soup
  • 1 baggie with carrot & celery sticks
  • A couple of water bottles
  • 1 container of applesauce
  • 1 Glutino breakfast bar
  • 1 baggie with a handful of Glutino pretzels & cashew nuts

Like I said, the rest of the week was quite similar, perhaps adding in some personal size containers of peanut butter on some days, or an apple vs. apple sauce on other days, and we even had tofu on Friday. But you get the idea, simple yet good; fast, yet delicious!

The key here was having lunches packed the night before and plenty of plastic sealable food containers.  I don’t do breakfast real good (and I do mornings even worse!), so I would take a piece of dry toast with me and eat it in the lunchroom before I started work.

I’m sure future lunches will pretty much consist of the same, as well as including any dinner leftovers we may have at that time. I don’t like to eat ‘heavy’ during the work day, because it just weighs me down. With ME-gan eating, I find I stay in pretty good shape all day long. Others come back from lunch ready for a nap after eating their big lunches full of carbs and usually end up drinking coffee all afternoon. I don’t do coffee either; maybe some tea every now and then, but that’s it.

With my new job I don’t have time for much else during the week, and am now discovering my weekends are PACKED full of things to do (like keeping up with this blog for one and laundry for another. The list goes on!). I’m sure it will all get ironed out here soon, but for now I will stay in touch as often as I can!

Happy Saturday to you!

ME-gan Love,


My good-bye to summer day…about two weeks ago! It’s hard to believe it’s going to be OCTOBER in just days! My how time flies!