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I’ve always been a Miss Susie Homemaker my entire life. Even as a kid I would play “House.” What was I thinking!?? HAHAHA! No, I truly do enjoy it. I not only love to cook, obviously, but I get even greater pleasure when others enjoy my food. It brings a smile to my face and a warmness in my heart.

Tomorrow I start my new job, and I’ve already been planing what to cook ahead of time and what fresh, quick snacks to have on hand to pack for our lunches. It was easy to do for Lee, since I’ve been home, but now that we’re both going to be out that door bright and early, it’s a different story. I won’t be home all day now to cook and plan meals. This is where it gets tricky. Modern families today don’t have the time to properly meal plan, which leaves them eating out or “out of the box,” if you will. I want to avoid this at all costs! YUCK. Eating out, to me anyway, is a luxury and definitely something to look forward to once in a while, but everyday is not appealing to me. I enjoy shopping for my own food and cooking my own food. I don’t want to miss out on the wholesome goodness and the arousing aromas that fill my house!

Anywhooooo….oh my! When will I have the time to cook now? I’m not quite sure what to expect, I mean… how will I be feeling at the end of the work day? Will I be able to cook, and prepare the next day’s lunches all over again? Or will I be pooped and give in to my ME-gan beliefs and just order pizza? Yah, right…I don’t think so! I’m guessing that I will be doing bulk cooking on the weekends, as I will be doing today as a matter of fact, and also buying lots of fresh fruits and preparing little ‘samich’ baggies full of cut-up celery and carrot sticks.

I will be journaling our meals and lunches, and then writing about them later on, in an effort to help others who are in a pinch with time and their work schedules, but who also want to and need to eat healthy! So stay tuned as the coming weeks will reveal “Mary’s ME-gan Magic,”

How do she do it?

Here are some food photos from the past week of meals that have been really fast and easy, yet delicious and nutritious! Oh, and just for good measure, I threw one in of the happy ME-gan couple…yep, you got it…Lee & I!

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Work lunch love to you! 🙂