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If you’re like me, once fall rolls around you love to buy those scented candles. There’s pumpkin spice, apple & spice, cinnamon, cinnamon apple, vanilla, and many more that just say “WELCOME FALL!”

Some of these candles that we buy are not cheap and many of them come in very beautiful jars. Did you know there’s a way to keep those jars and re-use them? Even the small glass votive can be saved once the wax burns down. I did not know this until my handy, dandy sister-in-law (who I call Mary#2, because she shares my name “Mary Sparacino”) showed me this neat little trick – Hi Mary! When there is no more candle left, just a little wax around the sides and bottom, you simply put the glass jar or votive in the freezer; wait about an hour or so, and then take it out and turn it upside down and the wax should fall right out; if you need to, you can tap the bottom with your hand to give it a little push. It’s really that simple. Now, you can re-use the jar for something else, or stick your own candle in it.

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