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This past week has been one with a few interesting curve balls thrown my way. I’ve even been challenged in making the right decision. One would think making the right decision would be easy, but in my case, it’s proved to be quite the opposite.

What do you do when your own child chooses to throw his life away? That’s right, simply do NOTHING with it. Do you support it? Do you allow that child to live in your home, eat your food and enjoy the luxuries that you have worked hard for and expect nothing in return? Even God helps those who help themselves. Is helping someone who is NOT helping themselves the right thing to do, even when that ‘someone’ is your child? Enabling someone, no matter who they are, when they are clearly on a road to ruin, can only do them more harm. We need to be strong and pray that we can make the right choices.

A mother’s job is never done, and never easy. A mother’s reward comes late in life. But I suppose when it does come, it makes it all worth it. At some point in life, when you’ve done all you can to help someone, yet it’s still not good enough, you need to give it to the Lord and get on with your own life. We can’t put ourselves second or last for too long. What about our marriage, our job, etc., do we put those on the back burner too, when really we have no control over the situation? I say “no.” Instead, we MUST trust in God, and allow HIM to take over.

God welcomes with open arms the burdens we cannot carry.

Last weekend, I found a woman’s wallet. It had all her identity, as well as a nice chunk of cash – enough to make your eyeballs big! I hardly ever keep cash in my wallet, and now after this, I’m thinking about removing any credit cards. I’m not saying everyone is dishonest, but I think many people would take the cash, and perhaps even use the credit cards – or at least try, and then just toss the wallet. God put it in my hands because He knew I’d do the right thing – that’s the way I see it. Hey, I need God too much to even think twice about it, so this was a no brainer. I did all I could to track this person down, to no avail, so turned it over to the police. They were able to return it safely to her. I’m just so glad that she’s ok! I was beginning to think foul play. I hear she was very happy to see it all there.

Yesterday, I pulled into the grocery store and there was a car across from mine with the hood up. The man was with his little son and they appeared to be waiting for help, apparently he was having some kind of car trouble. Keep in mind that it was about 104 degrees at this hour. I just assumed help was on its way, and went into the store to do my shopping.

As I was leaving the store, my cart hit an elderly lady’s purse so I stopped and apologized right away. She started mumbling something and looking around so I thought, “Oh no, please tell me she’s not going to claim I hurt her!” But I looked at her and then I realized she was not complaining about me hitting her, but rather that there were no ‘mini’ carts left. I told her that she could have mine since it was a mini cart. She was so happy! She insisted on walking out to the car with me. On the way to the car she was telling me about how the store used to have lots of these mini carts, but people steal them and now they only have 3 left. It was hard to believe, but she sounded like she knew what she was talking about. Why on earth would people steal these? Gosh, what is this world coming to? A bunch of crazies!!! Anyway, I made her very happy. I could have just not stopped to apologize and kept on walking, or when she started mumbling and I thought she was going to say I hurt her, I could have left rather fast, but I didn’t. I stuck around to do the right thing and it paid off.

After loading my groceries and handing the cart off to the lady, I noticed the man and his son were still there in their broken down car. They both looked so hot, I couldn’t understand why they were just sitting in the car and not waiting inside. I started to pull away and thought to myself, “you can’t just leave, they might need help!” But why would they just be sitting there all this time if they needed help? I was sure that he was waiting for a tow truck or SOMETHING! I knew I would not feel right if I just left, so I drove my car around and pulled up next to him and asked him if he needed help. He said “Yes, I need a jump!” My first reaction was to ask him, “That’s what you need, and no one’s been able to help you?” But then I realized it was an irrelevant question, so instead I was quite excited to say “I think I have jumper cables!” The guy’s wife pulled up in her car just when we were hooking up the cables, and put her son into her car. She was very thankful to me for helping. When his car started, he must have thanked me 3 times! I was so glad that I stopped and asked, but to be honest, I felt sooooo bad that I hadn’t asked BEFORE I went into the store! I should not have assumed anything. The good news is that I learned a lesson from this; when you see people stranded, ask if they need help immediately – don’t wait!

Sometimes making the decision to do the right thing is easy, and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes doing the right thing makes us feel so good, and sometimes it makes us feel horrible, mean and selfish. The devil will try to make us feel these things, but we must be strong and know that by doing the right thing, no matter how hard it can be, is always what God wants us to do, and He will support our decision and like always, things will work out for the best!

All I know is that in a world like we live in today, I need to love and serve God, our Country, and our fellow man. I find myself in constant prayer, never ceasing. I can’t tell you how many times a day I find someone new who needs my prayers and I tell them, “I’ll pray for you.” My prayer list grows longer every day. Not to mention the prayers my own family needs. How can I not be in constant prayer?

How atheists get through one day is beyond me. I don’t think I could survive without God in my life!

Peace to you.