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If you know about xylitol, then good for you! I sure didn’t until a few weeks ago. It’s used in a recipe I found for these delightfully scrumptious chocolate goodies!

At first I thought, “Oh great, another chemical or artificial sweetener,” but then after I looked it up I was quite surprised! I mean, I actually have read several different information sources just to make sure I wasn’t missing something. If xylitol is what they say it is, why isn’t everyone using this? It just doesn’t make sense to me!

If you taste it from a spoon, it’s very good. It’s sweet and gives off a ‘cool’ sensation in your mouth – it’s hard to explain.

Ok, so here are some facts about this natural sweetener: It’s found in fruits & veggies, including raspberries and plums. It’s not dangerous, as it is not artificially created like splenda or aspartame. It’s safe, and because it’s safe, it’s ok for any one at any age. If this doesn’t sound too good to be true yet, then try this on for size –  it also protects teeth! Studies have shown that xylitol reduces the amount of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth and as little as 6 grams a day can drastically reduce the risk for tooth decay. Are you feeling the WOW factor now? There are other health benefits as well such as helping to reduce ear infections! READ UP FOLKS…READ UP!!

And why don’t more people know about xylitol? Hmmm, I honestly wonder!

There are natural ways to sweeten up your foods and drinks – I prefer fresh organic raw honey for one! And now xylitol is on my list of natural sweeteners with health benefits! What more can one want? Not just a sugar substitute, but a natural sweetener that promotes health too! Who would have thought? It’s been studied for more than 40 years around the word and has been proven to have many benefits – it’s not just talk!

Keeping you in the loop and sharing as I learn!

Take care, God bless, and until next time…sweet love to you!