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I’ve been so blessed to find an awesome job, and will be starting hopefully next week. I need to be 100% in all ways. My mind and body have to be clear and healthy and ready to work!

Now that the weather has changed a little bit and we’re no longer in the 3 digits, we’ve been able to walk and ride bikes. Doing anything is better than doing nothing at all. Even a nice leisurely bike ride can help us feel better.

Of course what we put into our bodies is as important as getting exercise! The wrong foods can really bring us down and hold us down. High fats & salt, sugar & dyes, chemicals & preservatives…OUCH! These are all things we must try to avoid as much as possible.

A good start each morning is critical; it leads the entire day. Why start off with a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich? Because it’s delicious? Sure, these foods taste good, the aromas entice us and their flavors get us addicted – who can resist? Well, we must certainly try. When we have the whole day in front of us, we should start off as healthy as we can and avoid making poor decisions. When I used to eat a no boundaries diet, if I started off eating something very unhealthy, like for instance a doughnut, or perhaps a fast food breakfast sandwich or even a breakfast burrito, that was it…I’d want to eat bad all day long. The trick is to avoid this at all costs…stay on the track of healthy eating!

Food addictions can be overcome, it just takes commitment and hard work on our behalf. A fight well worth the outcome.

I started my day off today with a bowl of Puffins and almond milk, with a banana on the side. Mmmm… this cereal is yuummmmyyyyy and very WEIGHT WATCHERS friendly for those who are counting their points. I still do! I have to or else I somehow lose track of what I’m eating – it’s too easy to overeat, no matter what you are eating. It sneaks up on you bite by bite – trust me! So, I highly recommend food journaling and counting points if you can!

And now I feel so proud of myself, guilt free I might add, that I made a good choice. I ate 1 serving, NOT 3! That’s right, just because the food is healthy, you still can’t be gluttonous about it! OINK OINK!

I’m already planning dinner! I just happen to have stuffed grape leaves in my refrigerator, and a huge bag of Asparagus! I think these two will pair up rather nicely! The stuffed grape leaves are low fat, low cal, low salt – and nothing funky in the ingredients! I was so happy to find these at Costco – yeah! I hope they keep them! And if we need more, I have a nice big yam sitting on my kitchen counter that is just waiting to be baked!

Here’s to great starts and new beginnings; I’m looking forward to mine 🙂 Health & happiness to you and yours!

Trying to stay fit, one inch at a time! Eventually we’ll get there!