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Hello to you my friend, it’s time to visit once again!
Fall that is, so cool, so crisp
For 3 seasons now, you I’ve missed!
Your aroma fills the air, apples, pumpkins even pears.
Away with the shorts and bathing suits…
in with the blue jeans, sweaters and boots.
The trees blow, leaves fall, and Mother Nature’s
colors call. You’re a beautiful sight, one sure not to miss,
we’ll sit by the fire and reminisce.
Like all things, you too shall pass, so we must enjoy your 
gifts while they last.
Ahhh…the goodness that your season brings, I will surely enjoy
everything! From your fruits to your veggies, pumpkins, pies and more,
days will be filled with pleasures galore!
Thank you for coming, do enjoy your stay…good times and memories are on their way!
The End!
Here are some of my fall 2009 memories…

Seasonal love to you!