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There are no words to describe the taste of what you’re about to see! Sometimes the simplest foods are the most flavorful.

Often times when Lee & I are eating a meal that we’ve just created, we wish others were over to share in the taste rush. We are continually baffled at the intense tastes, aromas and flavors that make one’s mouth water, taste buds dance, and toes tingle! How can we find such words that would even come close to describing this with near accuracy?

M.I.A. = ME-gan Is Amazing!

The below shots are from last night’s dinner. I made a Basmati Rice Medley mix that is out of this world. I blended in sautéed veggies and a variety of seasonings, it turned out DEE-LISH. We also made grilled veggie sandwiches. We’ve had these before, but this time I used a new bread – Food For Life, Yeast Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Corn Free, Soy Free, Vegan, Brown Rice Bread. This bread may very well beat all breads I’ve tried thus far. I mean, it’s just GREAT! It has the texture of a French baguette with a hint of sourdough flavor. I LOVE it!! Anyway, I broil the bread on both sides until it’s golden brown and lightly crisp – like toast. After removing from the oven, I rub each slice with pesto and aioli, pile on the grilled veggies and…voila, it’s time to eat!

It’s at times like this, when I’m enjoying my amazingly delightful and delectable food that I so wish I had my ME-gan restaurant! A girl can dream can’t she!?? A warning though…these sandwiches can get quite messy, which if you ask me, makes them even THAT much more enjoyable! Ummm…pesto dripping from your mouth and running down your fingers…don’t be afraid, it will not harm you! 🙂

Just remember…

Delicious food doesn’t have to clog your arteries!

Enjoy the photos!

Until next time…eat well, live well, get healthy & be happy!