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First let me start off by giving you a quick update: many of you emailed me and asked what the dishes were that I blogged about in my post titled “Let’s Eat!” Sorry it took so long, but I finally went back and updated the photos with a brief description of each – click here to read!

Ok…now about setting our inhibitions free! The other day I made a vegetable soup, a photo of it is featured on the title page of this posting. My daughter questioned why I put corn on the cob in the soup, insisting it was a rather odd thing to add to soup, and suggested that I shave the corn ‘off’ the cob next time. I had to laugh at this! God bless her! I told her to get creative, and that you simply pick it up and eat it! Then she fired back with “but soup is hot, how can you pick it up?” I told her that you would just have to let the corn cool a little bit and then eat it! LOL!! Well, this went back and forth for a while. I concluded with “If a famous chef did this, it would go viral, and everyone would be doing it!” That silenced her. Maybe not because she agreed, but I must have worn her out! LOL!

As I talk about in my book, The ME-gan Lifestyle, although there are certain foods we stay away from in the ME-gan diet, which lessons our choices in a way, it also opens the door for so much more! More ideas, more creativeness and more options all together. In essence,

The sky’s the limit, but you must let your inhibitions go! Get creative, don’t hold back. Embrace foods & spices from other cultures. The only limitation is your imagination! How far will you go?

Even after living the ME-gan Lifestyle several years now, I still learn something new each day. Just in the ingredient world alone, there is much to be learned. Do you know if yeast is gluten free? Do you know if corn starch is gluten free? What ingredients are vegan? Is natural flavoring vegan? What about when a can of beans read “prepared beans?” What are they prepared in? Maybe they were cooked with lard – who knows? Do you care? Will you research it by writing a letter to the manufacturer? When you care about what you consume, because you care about your health and the effects that these things have on your body, then you will start to inquire more and more. It becomes never ending.

ME-gan cooking suggests limiting your amount of processed foods, and when you do use these items, the fewer the ingredients the better. No food dyes or chemicals – please! YUCK! Mother Nature spread her goodness all over this big, beautiful world – so please explore the many cultures and embrace flavor, nutrition, optimal health, spirituality & happiness!

Let yourself go – have fun in the kitchen! Happy food exploring to you!