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Fearing gluten free living? Even worse, considering a vegan diet? God forbid…THE ME-gan Lifestyle, which incorporates both, plus more! That’s right, ‘plus more!’ It’s also about being positive, keeping the negative OUT, and keeping the faith! Love God, embrace kindness and enjoy the many natural gifts that HE has provided!

Who says healthy food doesn’t taste scrumptious and look stunning? Check out these photos from the ME-gan kitchen of Mary Sparacino Bortel…MANGIA!!

This is a simple, yet most flavorful dish. Sautéed potatoes, zucchini, carrots, sweet onions, mini sweet peppers, always lots of garlic, and Italian seasoning. I had never made it before, but just got creative…like most of my cooking.

Schar’s gluten free Fusilli topped with Italian flavored polenta and homemade marinara! Mangia! Italian doesn’t get any better!

My homemade pizza AND homemade cheese! Incredibly delicious. MORE PLEASE!

This is a soup I recently made, which turned out crazy-out-of-this-world GOOD. All veggies, including kale, and veggie stock. I originally set out to make a kale and potato soup, but just kept adding to it! Seasoned with garlic, black lava sea salt & Italian seasoning. The sky’s the limit with ME-gan cooking!

Yes, this is what it looks like, ‘cheese enchiladas!’ But how? How can the ME-gan Lifestyle eat cheese enchiladas? That woman must be lying! I used corn tortillas, enchilada sauce, and teese cheddar. I sprinkled each layer with diced sautéed onions – Mmm. That’s all folks. Served with a side of goulash and asparagus. Quite a meal!

I don’t have a name for this amazingly sinful chocolate dessert. I got it off another blog site. It’s ‘raw,’ so naturally it is gluten free & vegan – ME-ganly friendly and yummy! It’s loaded with shredded coconut, raw almond butter, vanilla, and more! I will post the recipe for this over the holidays!

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Eat to live, stop living to eat. Life is for living, don’t you want to get started!??

ME-gan Love,