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A page is turned and a new chapter of my life begins. A new job, new horizons. Change is good and we must embrace it.

Speaking of change, I never felt better since I began living the ME-gan Lifestyle. And for those who dare tell me “a little bit won’t hurt you,” just do not know what they’re talking about. I recently ate gluten by my own fault. I simply was not thinking and ate tabouli – Hello! I mean, I know couscous is semolina, but for some reason I was thinking that tabouli is rice, wrong – it’s bulgur. Man, I paid the piper the next day and still am. It tears up my digestive system & intestines and my hands and wrists swell up.

I also ate something that was gluten free, but had pork in it – actually, I did this on purpose just to see how my system would react, and more than anything I just wasn’t happy with myself that I did it. I mean, the food was not bad, but knowing what was going into my body after years of being animal free, it just didn’t make sense. But, it was an experiment, I got my results, and now I can just carry on – ME-gan style. My body is mad at me though. Dairy, like gluten, will have a negative effect on me immediately; I try very hard to avoid both.

I love my body, and it loves me! What can I say!? We’re a team – it looks after me and I look after it…FRIENDSHIP!

With the wind of change blowing in my direction, I most likely won’t be able to post daily, but look forward to when I can! I love sharing recipes, new ‘ME-gan’ food products I discover, and new information for us ME-gan, gluten free vegan – food lovers and bloggers!

I’m still working on my cookbook for those of you who have been looking for it! This year brought a lot of unexpected ‘life’ my way, so I don’t plan on it being available until 2013!

God bless and stay happy & healthy! Stay as close to Mother Nature as you can while you cook for yourself and your loved ones. Good health means more quality time with those you love and who love you too!

ME-gan Love,