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I was doing some reading on Gout and was quite surprised to see that it has been historically known as “the disease of kings,” or “rich man’s disease.” Personally, I always thought it was quite the opposite. But the more I think about it, it definitely can go either way.

The rich get it from eating high on the hog, the po folk get it from eating low on hog! That’s my theory anyway…LOL!

Gout can be very painful and most often needs medical attention. It not only affects the toes and foot, as one would think; it can also affect knees, wrists and fingers. In other words, joints. But is there a way to prevent gout? Is it passed down through family genes? The answer is ‘yes’ to both questions.

Fruits are the way to go! Stay on the right track to better health!

Cherries are great for joint health! Eat up!

I don’t’ want to go into a long explanation of gout, where it comes from, what it is, and so on. You can read up on the medical condition yourself. And quite frankly, who cares if it’s hereditary? I mean, that is only a crutch, so to speak, which enables you to keep living as you are and blame it on the genes. Anyone who seeks better health needs to focus on what they can do to rid their body of this, or better yet, prevent it – especially if they are told “it runs in the family.”

Exchange your rib-eye for some wholesome goodness from Mother Nature.

Once we do our part, the part that is out of our control, such as  genetic predisposition, remains out of our control anyway. But my experience shows that when we apply an honest effort to achieve good health by exercise, eating right, having a positive attitude, loving & serving the lord, being kindhearted towards your neighbor, etc., chances are much higher that we’ll succeed.

I’m not the first to say that ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’ are the two most common solutions to getting happy and healthy. So, if you are truly wanting to return to that person you used to be, slender, agile, flexible, clear of mind, happy, fun-loving, free of aches and pains, the list goes on…then get back in the game! Of course age does not count because the years come and go, and we DO get older; but, we are only as old as we feel. Keep that in mind. A person can be 35 and feel 95 due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. And a 70-year-old can look and feel 30! We all know this is true. So it depends on YOU, and YOU’RE frame of mind & physical condition. If you need to get better, and want to get better, then do something about it. It’s that simple – really.

Gout doesn’t live here!

Gout is caused by high levels of uric acid. It’s not pretty. It’s no fun. The ME-gan Lifestyle promotes healthy eating – gluten free, meat free, dairy free, egg free, exercise, and alcohol consumption in moderation. Uric acid can be found in other foods and beverages besides the obvious, red meat and chicken. Even lentils, coffee, & booze can contribute.

Too much of this = gout. Try tofu instead!

My joints bothered me tremendously – I would raise up from a sitting or lying position and would have to walk around half bent over and limping for 10 minutes before I could walk right. My feet, knees and back were just all very stiff and achy. When I went to a gluten free diet, it helped tremendously. I first noticed the difference in my hands. When I became vegan, and embraced The ME-gan Lifestyle,  it all got better. The two combined, truly produced miracle results. Of course, exercise is very important, and I get on myself all the time about getting more of it. Even swimming is excellent for the body!

Exercise might sting at first, but it’s worth it in the long run!

Only you know what you’re consuming – is there room for cutbacks and changes?

Gout free love to you!