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A very nice girlfriend of mine, Teresa, introduced me to a homemade pizza recipe last week. Even the cheese is homemade. I know, right? It sounds weird – homemade cheese, but hey…I guess we can come up with anything if we put our minds and taste buds to it! The pizza recipe came from a blog site from fellow-blogger, Jessica, who’s apparently ME-gan too! Check out her site by clicking here.

The cheese recipe came from “The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook,” which I may actually purchase in the near future – it sounds quite interesting. So yesterday, Lee and I made this pizza. I followed the exact recipe from her site, so if you go to her link you can get it there – no need for me to post it again here. Personally, I would do quite a few things different, not because her way was wrong or anything, but I just found certain things not to work for me; like using the back of the iron skillets to bake the pizza. Although I fell in love with that technique, it just was not feasible for me to do. There are also a few ‘ingredient’ & ‘direction’ changes I would make, but not a whole lot. As far as toppings, that always depends on YOUR desire; you can add whatever you want! Lee and I used toppings that we had on hand, and plan to use different toppings next time. When we do make it again, I will post the exact recipe & method that I use.

Ok, let me tell you this…her recipe calls for quite a bit of ingredients. If you have these in your house already, great! If not, you’re looking at about $100.00 (more or less, depending on what kind of prices you get at the store). But once you buy all the ingredients (not for toppings, just for the dough and cheese), then you can make quite a few pizzas before you need to restock your inventory. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the cheese. I tasted it before putting it on the pizza and my goodness, it reminded me of flour gravy! Yes…it’s true! I knew at once Lee would LOVE IT! He misses biscuits and gravy! 🙂 Poor, poor, man! The price you have to pay for better health – LOL!

Here’s a list of toppings I used:

  • Trader Joe’s Marinara sauce (I usually make my own, but theirs is really good)
  • Trader Joe’s Eggplant and Garlic spread
  • Homemade cheese (from the recipe)
  • Homemade pesto (my recipe from my book)
  • Sautéed tofu with onions and red peppers
  • Mushrooms

Here are photos we took from Pizza night at the Bortelino household! Mangia!

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Bloggers across the globe sharing recipes – ahhh…what a concept! Viva LA Blogger!

ME-ganly cheesy love to you!