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My friend Alyce is a great cook and always goes out of her way to cook us a 100% ME-gan friendly meal when she has us over for dinner. I never have to worry about ‘hidden’ ingredients and can always count on the food being delicious!

She can multi-task too; cook, drink and read at one time! And she’s pretty & smart to boot! Wow…way to go Alyce!

The other night at dinner, she served some delicious ME-gan snacks for starters; homemade hummus with various crackers and nuts. YUM! This could have been a meal in itself!

For dinner she made her incredibly DELICIOUS grape leaves, they get better every time she makes them (how does she do it!??), along with vegetable pasta and a platter of grilled veggies. All the food was to die for and she was nice enough to give me the recipe to the pasta dish – I will be making it soon!

The ME-gan Lifestyle is healthy, happy, nutritious and delicious! There’s no lack of anything here!

Surprise your dinner guests next time with a ME-ganly delicious meal and see what type of reaction you get! My guess is they’ll all be surprised to find out that such amazingly good food was prepared with no dairy, no meat, fish or egg, and gluten free! And who knows, maybe they’ll do their next soiree ME-gan style!

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