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If we were playing Jeopardy, the correct question to the title of this post would be “What makes your bowels move as explosively as Mt. Vesuvius?”

It may sound funny, or even a little odd, but c’mon…we all know that these two things make a person ‘go’! I hear people all the time say, “I need to have a cigarette and a cup of coffee so I can (pardon the expression) poop!”

Man, if you need nicotine and caffeine to get ‘moving’ in the mornings, then you may want to get to the truth of the matter and start giving your body what it REALLY needs…FIBER and more FIBER! When we eat a no limitations diet our ‘regularity’ if you will, becomes irregular. It can cause extreme fluctuations, one minute you’ll be constipated and the next you’ll have the runs. If you LOVE coffee and enjoy waking up to the smell of a fresh brewed pot, as I do, then drink decaf. I made the switch and actually enjoy it more now, because I know it won’t hurt me and cause me to RUN to the bathroom. As far as the cigarettes go, throw them away – there is no replacement. They are bad – PERIOD. Do yourself and those around you a favor and QUIT! YUCK! A simple change, no big deal. Life really doesn’t have to be so complicated all the time.

So, two points I want to make here. First: if you eat a well-balanced diet, high in fiber, low in fat, for me that would be The ME-gan Lifestyle, you will be as regular as a person can get.

On time and feeling fine!

Second: Take a clue from the reactions your body has to caffeine and cigarettes. They are both irritants, and if something can make your bowels move that quickly, well…HELLO! Your body is rejecting them both. It’s no different from anything else your body is allergic to. Why do people insist on putting this kind of stress on their system? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I would think that people with IBS, Crohn’s, Spastic Colon, Colitis, etc., would avoid these at all costs! Doing this damage to ourselves is not going to add years to our life, it will do quite the opposite, and fuggitabout the ‘quality’ of life that you will have while you’re alive – it will be quite poor. I would think we want to live well, happy and long…not short, miserable and full of suffering. Focus on those you love and those who need you, and perhaps that will encourage you to work harder at getting healthier.

Be smart and listen to your body talk! Next time your stuck in traffic with coffee in one hand and a smoke in the other, be sure and stay in the ‘exit’ lane!

Healthy living to you!

Love, Mary