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When you set out on a journey of self-improvement, set small goals; ones that are achievable; otherwise you may be setting yourself up for failure before you have begun. It’s similar to what I learned while raising my children, don’t assign a punishment or restriction that you can’t keep. It makes you look weak, and soon your children learn that pattern and start to manipulate you. Hey…they’re kids, they’re not stupid! Moves like these set us up for failure. As I recently tweeted,

It just finally hit me, the biggest disappointments in life are the ones we actually set ourselves up for. We need to get smarter!

Need I say more? I didn’t think so. I’m pretty sure that we can ALL relate to the truth in this statement.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to our lives. Whether it be health, happiness, relationships, finances, or all of these together. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be better; look better, feel better, live better, love better, be a better mom, dad, grandparent, friend, spouse, sister, brother, so on! It’s very common to put ourselves last, and unfortunately that is a very sad choice. Life can and will slip past us and one day we’ll wonder where it all went, and why we didn’t do things that we should have. The last thing we want or need are regrets.

It’s truly ok to worry about yourself for once, and to allocate your time to you. There should be no guilt involved here. Sometimes we can get so caught up helping and worrying about others, or are too busy with our jobs, whatever the case may be, that we simply let ourselves go. There are also situations where we just lose hope and want to give up, because we see no light at the end of the tunnel. There are numerous reasons we let ourselves go, sometimes we don’t even realize it because we are blinded by outside forces; medications, drugs, addictions, depression, etc.

The scale of self-improvement is a large one. Some people have mountains to climb to overcome an addiction, while others may be focusing on becoming a better listener to their children. But one is not less important than the other. A struggle is a struggle no matter what it is, and it takes faith, prayer, perseverance, commitment, dedication, and the will power to focus and press on, to surmount it.

You may be at a point in your life where you feel like you are in the desert, with no hope in sight & and no way or reason to survive; but there is a way out and the reasons to do so are all around – you just need to read the signs. God will lead the way, you must have the will. Let the journey begin today…take your first small step!

Starting right now, the first small step in your journey, you say to yourself that you are going to DO IT – whatever it may be. Whatever demons you are fighting, whatever struggles you are facing, YOU are going to face your giant(s) today and you won’t stop until you’ve won! Addictions, obesity, illness, stress, abuse, poor relationships, unemployment, negative influences, depression, unhappiness, etc.

Every journey begins with that first small step, have you taken yours yet?

Have a blessed day,