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Someone recently said to me, “You can’t live on soy noodles.” My first reaction was “Hello! Why would anyone want to?” It made me think of that show years back called “Kids Say The Darndest Things.” There could be a similar version…”ADULTS Say The Darndest Things”!! LOL! I certainly never said I live off of soy noodles! Anyone who knows me and follows my blog will know that I eat a wide variety diet consisting of all the splendors provided by Mother Nature!

I want to talk about filling up and fueling up. Soy noodles are a great start, but don’t stop there. There are many power foods out there that not only satiate us but enable our mind and body to become a POWERHOUSE! Far too many for me to mention in one article, but let’s start with a few:

  • Avocados – A good source of fiber, folate, potassium and vitamins C, K, & B6. Add to your salads or eat alone with fresh lemon squeezed on top!
  • Tomatoes – These tasty gifts are low in calories but high in vitamin C. vitamin C can help reduce muscle soreness. They can make you healthier and may reduce your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and even skin damage. They are a great source of lycopene which reduces the risks of breast and prostate cancer. Load up; eat up!
  • Grapefruits and Oranges – Loaded with immunity-boosting vitamin C. Not only are they juicy and delicious but also make a healthy snack. Add to salads, stir-frys, or enjoy by themselves at breakfast. It has recently been found that women who consume diets high in a compound found in these two fruits, lowered their risk for stroke.
  • Olive Oil – What do you think supplies your body the energy it takes for a killer work-out? You got it…fats! Olive oil is loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. It also contains an anti-inflammatory compound that acts as a natural pain reliever. Be sure to cook and saute with olive oil, or make your own Italian dressing with it for salads and marinades.
  • Quinoa – A gluten free grain that serves as a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids. Amazing! This is an awesome muscle-building powerhouse food. Quinoa can be enjoyed several different ways. One of my favorite dishes is served cold with cucumbers, avocados, cherry tomatoes and other veggies mixed together as a salad with ME-gan friendly Italian dressing. Delish!
  • Spinach– Popeye was a smart sailor! Girls like guys with skills AND muscles! LOL! Spinach contains phytoecdysteroids, plant steroids that may increase protein synthesis (up to 20% according to some scientists). Try sautéed spinach with fresh garlic and a touch of sea salt. Serve with wild grain rice or by itself; both are delicious options.
  • Broccoli – My favorite! Packed with potassium, which assists in smooth muscle contraction; playing a huge role in healthy and successful muscular functioning. Eat alone, raw or steamed, or toss in a tofu or tempeh stir-fry for a high protein meal.

The ME-gan Lifestyle says:

Eating and cooking healthy is becoming the new great American pastime!

Say, “SO-LONG” to obesity, symptoms and disease, and start living life to its fullest!

MANGIA – ME-gan style!