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I’m talkin bout eating fresh and healthy. Don’t forget plenty of exercise too. Ahhh, the freshness and nutrition packed in all of the wonderful, beautiful food provided by Mother Nature are just amazing! When I eat light, I don’t feel heavy & bogged down. I remember after meals just wanting to crash sometimes, even in the middle of the day after eating lunch. What I thought to be a good meal at that time truly was not. Food loaded with carbs, sugars, fats, and many unnatural ingredients slowed me down.

Taste and see the goodness in FRESH!

I’ve been in the Maryland and DC area for the past 2 weeks and there is food everywhere I turn; one restaurant after the next. Every aroma you can imagine is swirling around in the air, and yes…I may be ME-gan but I’m not immune to these! My nose twitches and my mouth waters! LOL!! I’ve always reserved the right to eat Maryland seafood whenever I come back; after all, how could I never eat a Maryland crab again? But then again, it depends on how I feel at the time. Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. It’s a personal choice.

Despite all the food and aromas that surround me here, I don’t feel I’m fighting temptation at all. It’s easy for me now since I’ve found better health. Just thinking about how I used to suffer is all it takes to keep me on the right track.

Be strong, live long! Keep the negative OUT and drench yourself in positivity.

Wishing you happiness and the willpower to be all that you can be! ME-gan love,