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So, the girls are at the beach are they? I think I’ll join them. This was me last week. So I get there and they’re all eating their meats, seafood, junk food, desserts and so on. My sister looks at me and says “I don’t know what you’re going to eat.” Well, they all know ‘what’ I eat so I’m not sure what the mystery was all about, but any whoooooo….all it took was a trip to Harris Teeters and I was set.

I found these soy noodles that I’ve never seen or tasted before. I love trying out new products and these paid off. They are quite delicious and versatile to many meal options, just get creative!

There were also times at the beach when we went out to eat, so what did I eat? No problem, I have the routine down. My options are usually a baked potato, steamed veggies, or a salad. While dining at Harpoon Hanna’s, the girls enjoyed their seafood stuffed potato wedges topped with melted cheese & dipped in sour cream, bacon wrapped scallops, and crab puffs, and I ate a modest salad. It was not the best salad I ever had, but it sufficed.

The funny thing is that they eat all this food and then complain of being overweight, gassy, bloating, cramping, migraines, etc. I just shake my head, what can I say!?

Self-control does not come without discipline and hard work, but overindulgence is quite EASY.

The question is, “What’s more important to you? Good health, or eating everything and anything?” It’s really not more complicated than that at all. It’s a personal choice. I love when they offer me food, “do you want a bite?” What don’t they get? How long have I been eating this way? My goodness…enablers and sabotagers surround us, beware! Be strong! I’m used to it though, I just smile and say “no thanks.”

Bon Appetit!